Polaroid Pinhole (hand made): Self portrait (hand held) and others

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by sliu, May 5, 2005.

  1. I am not sure where I should post this. It is not street/documentary and it has nothing to do with any camera. Since people in this forum are very friendly, I decide to post it here. (The only remote connection I can find is the Polaroid ISO 3000 film used in these shots, which I am sure is a classic film, but not camera ;-) Here is the story. I bought a Polariod back for my pinhole Holga (see my post on Street/Documentary forum). Then I thought, why not make a pinhole camera out of the Polariod back without the Holga? So I drilled a needle hole in a piece of Reynolds aluminum foil and taped it on a cardboard; then taped the whole thing in front of the Polaroid back. The "focal length" is about 10mm, so it is a super wide pinhole camera. The Polaroid 87 film is so fast that I can hand hold to take this indoor mirror self portrait in less than 3 seconds ;-) Have fun!
  2. More dreamy wide angle pinhole images. (All shot in less than 3 seconds.)
  3. ...
  4. Great! Like those spirit photos from early photography.
  5. Here is the "camera" :)
  6. Very nice stuff. You seem to be a lot more willing and ready to trust your instincts than many of us when it comes to image making.
  7. Great stuff, Sam. Your imagination is amazing - now who else would have thought....
  8. Great stuff!
  9. Good stuff, Sam! About a year ago I modified an old Polaroid Land Camera II by cutting the front off (shutter, batter holder, etc) with a knife. I then closed the front with thin cardboard, and used the thin aluminum from a tea candle as my pinhole plate. I used to use a lot of Type 88 color film, but it tended to shift cyan over long exposures. I recently started using Type 85 (ISO 80) positive/negative B&W film. I have attached a scan of one p/n pair here; the print is burned out, but in the negative there is still excellent highlight detail. I don't have any self portraits yet... It's early here, and cloudy, so if I tried I'd be really late for work by time the exposure was done. :)

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