Polaroid MP-3; Useful for things other than copy work?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by sleepytom, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. I recently acquired a Polaroid MP-3 Land Camera on a copy stand. It
    used to be used for scientific purposes in a hospital darkroom. Does
    this camera have any use other than copying flat work? I have a 4x5
    enlarger but no other 4x5 equipment, and while I'd like to do 4x5
    work eventually I don't want to do any copying. Can this gear be
    useful to me somehow?
  2. Tom, you might find the lens & shutter useful. Copal made shutters for Polaroid and yours might be one, even if it says 'Polaroid' What kind of lens does your new camera have?
  3. Photomacrography.

    Not sure about the MP-3, but in general the MP-4 had much the same functionality. There is a microscope adapter that screws into the front of an MP-4 shutter. Photomicrography.

    And, as mentioned the lenses can be mounted on other cameras' boards and used for photomacrography.
  4. The lens say "Polaroid Prontok", but also says "Rodenstock Ysaron 1:4.7 f=127mm". Would this lens be useful on a view camera?
  5. A few weeks ago I bought a Polaroid MP-3 for next to nothing. The lens that was on it, a Rodenstock Ysaron 105mm will be useful on my view-camera. It's a sharp lens, however it doesn't allow for too many movements. Although it's no worse than my Xenar 150mm. I did some cutting and drilling to the head on the copier and made it into a regular view camera with no movements. The lensboards are smaller than average linhof boards, so some modifications would be needed to use my len's on it. So I ended up turning it into a 4x5 pinhole camera.
  6. we have two MPs where I work--- the MP4 and the MP3 with the short column. with the 35mm , 75, 127 and 105 tominons. microscope adapters, 35mm rollfilm backs, lights etc. Polaroid and other manufacturers made a ton of accessories though--including marco stages, illuminated bases, and 8x10 enlarger heads. you may be able to find a conversion kit to turn it into an enlarger for instance.

    I've used the MP4 alot for copywork, but with the MP3, I've taken the macro lenses and put them into home-made boards for our toyos. It is possible to remove the camera part from the column and tripod mount it, but it's a beast and not very fun to use this way...if you want any copies of the system manual, drop me a line. I have a bunch of this stuff gathering dust in the back of our studio. fwiw--don't think you're limited to copywork with an MP, they do good close-up product work as well, you just don't have any movements really...we shoot objects all the time on our Bencher copystand--like coins and small medals.

    BTW--the 127mm is a sharp lens, but the G-Clarons we use are much better. The 105 Tominon is a great lens for doing copywork though, anything about 8x10 or smaller is great with that lens becuase it doesn't require much bellows. the 75 is good for smaller images, but i doubt it has much coverage at infinity (never tried it). same goes for the 35mm--it's meant for 10:1 shooting and comes with an extension tube that's pretty cool--helical spacing adjustment. One of these days, I'll find a use for all this stuff, or else it will head to the surplus lot....
  7. We have one at work that I use alot with and without the under lit base board.
    VERY handy piece of equipment!!!
  8. What types of things do you use it for Scott? And just how "macro" can you go with it; 1:1?
  9. I just was given a Polaroid MP-4 camera, I am missing the tripod adapter and was wondering if any one had one they were looking to sell or knew where I could purchase one.
  10. I just got a Polaroid MP-3 missing lenses, and would like to read a user manual for it to see what if any parts I might search for or make. DK Thompson offered a look at one via email -- I suppose he meant a scan of the manual. Is he still here? No contact info on his page.

    Thanks, JG

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