Polaroid magazin 405 problems, sheets get always stuck

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by j_buck, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. some time ago i bought the Polaroid magazine 405 (not centered - original version) for my 4x5
    lately i noticed that always the last 3 sheets of Polaroids get stuck..
    somehow at the 6th or 7th sheet, the white "pull out" papers come out tooo far and together and super long and the last 3 sheets are unusable..maybe i pull too hard, bc i always still hear to rollers turning after i pull out the Polaroids before...
    i also noticed that the rollers dont turn each other as they do on my landcamera, where as u roll one roller the other one rolls with it... there is a small space between the rollers in the 405 back, one roller turns effortless, the other one is more tight...

    what might be the issue?
    i really love to possibility of using the Fuji fp100c but i fear somehow something is always wrong.
  2. Sounds like you are starting to get a chemistry residue on the rollers where they join the assembly. Remove the entire roller system from the back and run super hot water over it, especially where the actually rollers meet up with the cradle that holds them in place. If needed, use some cotton swabs like Q-tips to help clean any chemical crud. Dry with any towel and use compressed air to blow any water out from between the rollers and the cradle. That will probably relieve the problem which is extremely common with any rollers for Polaroid or Fuji instant film.
  3. thanks alot! i will try!
    hopefully this will fix the problem, i actually clean the rollers after every pack but not as precise, just with my shirt.
  4. shouldn't be a need to wipe it down that often, although it isn't a bad idea. The pins at the ends of the rollers are fairly fine as are their mount holes, and the spaces between the rollers and the cradle are small enough that even a very small amount of residue could cause the drag you are describing. I usually just eyeball mine and if I see any crystals or goop of any sort, give it the cleaning I described. Otherwise, I pretty much ignore it unless I get a drag like you mention.
  5. AJG


    I used rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth for cleaning every 2 or 3 packs of film with my 405 backs on 4x5 and medium format. It worked well and didn't leave moisture behind.
  6. but should one roller roll the other like in the landcameras?
    or is it ok that there is a tiny space between the rollers?

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