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  1. now with polaroid stop making film, i want o purchase a 545i and stock up. but i want to know what
    other types of film the polaroid4x5 back can take (fujifilm or if their are any other types of instant film
    Thank you very much for your help.
  2. It "can" take Kodak and Fuji Ready/Quick-loads. I emphasize the can, as it won't give results as sharp as a holder designed for Quick/Ready-loading film.

    I tested this myself using wide and mid apertures of a wall map, and got results similar to this fellow:

  3. The Polaroid 545i only takes 4x5 SHEET film, which only Polaroid makes. Or maybe they have already stopped making it and have stock for another year. Polaroid has many types of 4x5 sheet film, maybe they were trying to do to much. See http://www.polaroid.com/products/product_list.jsp;jsessionid=HvVBYVpM2cKCTydDLLGgN0Nv70QCGj1GXWLKBpT2v9llSJSs012K!1794889564?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302028649&bmUID=1202705890165&bmLocale=en_US&sc=Sheetfilm

    The 4x5 film that Fuji makes is PACK film. Polaroid used to make 4x5 pack film but discontinued pack film a few years ago. The Polaroid holder for that film is the 550. Fuji makes a new holder for their pack film.

    The difference between sheet and pack film is that you can switch between film types between each individual sheet, but with pack film the pack is loaded as a group.

    See these previous threads (of course a little out of date with the discontinuation by Polaroid of all instant film):

    http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=005OQ0 and
  4. is this the fuji readyload
  5. No, that is Fuji instant pack film, of two different sizes, and thus needing two different holders. "Readyload" is a Kodak brand name for conventional 4x5 film, B+W, E-6, C-41, loaded into individual packets for convenience. The film is the same as you might use in old-fashioned sheet film holders that take two sheets, but packed differently, and needing a special holder. The brand name of the similar Fuji product is Quickload. These are not instant films. If you browse the relevant categories of this forum, you will find discussions of these products. Websearches will also turn up information, such as the link that Aaron gave.
  6. thank you very much
  7. Polaroid stopped making holders a year ago.
    We had to buy the last 3x4 holders stock and when it came time to finalize the order we were only able to obtain half of what we needed (400)and we are hoping that since so many companies were previously making id systems as fellow Polaroid OEM that we will be able to get these.

    The Polaroid rep estimated that there are 20.000 plus nib polaroid 545- 545i sitting arround in stores stock or elsewhere plus millions of used holders in the 4x5 in all configurations so I dont think either holder will be an issue no matter who obtains the licence in the future to make instant films.

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