Polaroid 405 back rollers - need help for assembly

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by juke, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. <p>Hi, I have 405 film back. It's rollers are clean, but theyre really stiff.
    <p>If I try to pull tab to get picture out of holder, the tab will tear. The spring that pushes the other roller
    downwards seems to be really stiff.
    <p>How stiff it should be? I can hardly push business card between the rollers, but often the card will bend.
    <p>Also I like to know whether there are some detailed pictures of 405 back's roller assembly available at the
    <p>Thanks for advance,
  2. <p>Here are some photographs. I hope that it makes my question easier to understand :)
    <p>The 405 film back roller assembly, down side corner. The arrow shows the point where spring is pushing roll
    <img src="http://jukkavuokko.com/linkatut/pnet/405%20rollers%20unload.jpg"><br clear=all>
    <p>This illustrates scenario when 'print' is pulled between the rollers. Now the spring is really stiff and its
    hard to pull even card that is used at the picture:
    <img src="http://jukkavuokko.com/linkatut/pnet/405%20rollers%20card.jpg"><br clear=all>
    <p>Finally the picture that shows the spring and roller axle when I have pushed small screwdriwer between the
    rollers as an spacer. That illustrates how flexible the spring could be. But should it be?<br>
    <img src="http://jukkavuokko.com/linkatut/pnet/405%20rollers%20open.jpg"><br clear=all>
  3. Still wondering with same issue. Does anyone have any photographs that illustrates how the rollers should be?
    Google doesn't help much :(
  4. Another question about the back rollers of the 405 back
    The U shaped springs on the left and right side rusty. Is it possible to pull out these springs to clean them.

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