Polarizing Filter

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  1. Can a polarizing filter be used with a filter holder that is used with large lenses. This would be the holder towards the rear of the lens.
    Does the filter have to be tightened in the holder or is it possible to leave it slightly loose and tuned to obtain the desired effect?
  2. as long as you can turn it, you're OK. Whether mechanically that works in your situation, I can't say. You do not want it flopping around.
  3. Canon, and most likely Nikon, also, makes a CPL for their long telephoto lenses. It drops in to the slot for the stock filter
    holder (that holds Gelatin filters), and provides for rotating the CPL. It's rather expensive for a 52mm filter, at $370 list, but
    it's the only way to do it on the big glass.
  4. If you really wish to save money, and you have a gel holder to fit the filter slot, you can obtain polarizing film from places like Edmund Scientific which can be cut to fit. You just have to be aware of how you orient the gel to get the desired effect.

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