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  1. Anyone using digital polarizers via Photoshop plug-in? Is it worth to buy one? If so, which is working better (ie, giving results close to using a phisical polarizer at time of shooting)? Thanks in advance for the help! Alex
  2. Increase the saturation in PS?
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    Part of the usage for a polarizer is to remove glare off a reflective surface, e.g. a window. So for example, when you take a picture of a window, you can use a polarizer to remove the reflection off the window so that you can see what is behind it, inside. How do you achive that in PhotoShop without an actual polarizer?
  4. Digital polarizers can NOT duplicate the actual role of the polarizer (i.e. cutting off glare and reflections). Te only thing they do is really saturate your sky colours. There's plenty of freely available actions and tutorials that do that, so imo no need purchasing one (unless you want to purchase a real polarizer). and if you are really intent on wasting money, I am badly in need of a 77mm slim polraizer and wouldn't mind a donation :-D
  5. Any kind of polarizer plug-in is, imo, a deceptive naming practice. I can't see how any software can properly remove reflections like a real polarizing filter can. larsbc
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    A deceptive naming practice is exactly what this "software polarizer" is. If you want to darken the sky or increase contrast, there are various ways to achieve it in PhotoShop, but if the reflection blocks whatever is behind a window such that it is not even in your image file, there is no way you can recover what is missing in PhotoShop.
  7. I suppose that you could try putting a polarizing screen over your monitor. It might work as well:)
  8. Digital polarizer? I think I saw that on CSI. No wait. It was the enlargement/enhancement filter that allowed them to id a guy from his reflection in the glasses of a witness captured by a store monitoring video camera. That was it.
  9. I'm for doing some things in camera. This is one I do in camera. Polarizing with a filter that adjusts just to the amount I want it is great to have. So I own Nikon's Type I & Type II polarizers & I have just won a Singh Ray Warming Polarizer off eBay. I'm looking forward to testing them against each other to see the difference. JMHO Lil
  10. My fault at not beeing clear enough. What I meant was to get the LOOK and saturation of having used the actual glass filter through a digital polarizer, in one single pass instead of going through the different steps in PS. This is intended for pictures taken with the Ricoh GR (an high end P&S) for which there is no polarizer. I never hoped to remove glare or reflections! By the way I have and USE B+W slim polarizers with my 12-24, sorry Younes... Alex
  11. Well you know a guy has to try :-D.

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