Polarizing Filter for FD Lenses?

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by richard_h._evans, Aug 11, 1999.

  1. As I understand it circular polarizing filters are made for AF lenses and linear for FD lenses. I was recently told
    that a circular would work on FD lens. Would there be any advantage to using a circular type on a FD.
    If so would it be worth the much higher price?
  2. Circular polarizers (CP) are required whenever some of the light
    falling through the lens is diverted for metering (selective or spot)
    or autofocus purposes. Since there is no autofocus with FD system
    cameras, CP are mandatory for the following FD bodies: FTb, F-1 (1st
    version), F-1N, T80 and T90. Of course, CP can also be used on all
    other FD system bodies.


    Cheers, Hans

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