Polarizer filter for Summilux lenses

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  1. Hi,
    This issue has probably been discussed in the past but I hope you
    don't mind if I pose the same question again: polarizer filter for
    Leica lenses - more specifically 35mm Summilux ASPH 1.4.
    I understand that Leica makes "universal" polarizers with adapters for
    several lens sizes but these swing-out filters are very expensive
    (just like anythinbg from Leica).
    Is there any after-market alternative to these Leica universal polarizers?
    I noticed that there were some older Leica swing out polarizers with
    some sort of lens hood on them, but I am not sure how good their
    quality is. More specifically the one I am looking at is 13352 but
    unfortunatelly I cannot find any info regarding the lenses it fits.
    Please help with any suggestions regaring polarizing filters for my 'lux.
  2. Em,-- The Leitz 13352 is a Polarizer for all E39 screw in filter mounts. It is NOT for your 35mm Asph 1.4.
  3. This thread came out on top of a search that took 2 seconds: http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=00FL0b&tag=
  4. See www.leica-camera.com for new Leica M universal polarizer system, that work on all current Leica M lenses. Another system it's new Kenko that you can see in web site of Robert White (serch by Google).

    Vincenzo Maielli Italy!!!!!
  5. When Leitz brought out their swing out polarizer with built in hood for the 42mm bezel I just had to have one and paid through the nose for it. It has been in my kit for near on thirty years now and hasn't paid the rent. I think I have used it maybe five times. With my older leicas (when needed) I would use the double filter system -- a good filter on the lens and a cheap one in my shirt pocket (with matching calibrations). View the scene with the cheapie and transfer that setting to the one on the lens. Leica's universal model costs more than a good used Summicron.
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  6. Thank you, a good solution I had never thought of.
  7. To start, I do not have a Leica of any model. However, I do have a collection of FSU Fed's & Zorki's that are in constant use. Putting separate filters, of any sort, on all these cameras presented a problem when I first started this GAS phase of my life 5 years or so ago. My solution, use a soft rubber, collapsible lens hood that has a front set of 40.5mm threads. Thus, I can switch out any lens filter I wish. If it's a polarizer, I have (8) marks around the barrel of the filter. View your subject, note the number, put filter onto hood & reset the number. Piece of cake. I am sure a soft rubber lens hood for any thread requirement is available somewhere at far less then the Big L price. Bill
  8. Use a vented step-up ring with a larger polarizing filter -
    Polarising Filters for Leica M Cameras

    If you're shooting an M240, or later, digital body then use a standard polarizer with live-view.

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