Point & Shoot with microphone input socket and sound recording ?

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by lucida, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Hi all.

    A friend is looking for a reasonable point and shoot camera ( say 4-5 mp or more )
    but is also looking to use it to capture digital sound recordings.

    I have no idea whether such a camera exists and would be keen to hear of any
    suggestions. Durable & compact would be a real bonus!

    Many thanks.
  2. Your friend should buy two devices, each one dedicated to their tasks.
  3. The ones I've seen have the mic built in but never used the device myself ... read complaints that they pick up camera noise. If you want good audio you use an audio recorder. ditto photographs
  4. Digital video cameras are gaining in still image resolving power (I think you can easily find Camcorders that will take 3Mp images) and they also (generally) have microphone ports.
  5. Thanks - looks like it may be 2 devives for him. In the past I myself have used a minidisc recorder with a micro binaural microphone to great effect!
  6. Check out the compact Casio digital cameras. Mine has the ability to record audio. I am not
    sure if it has an audio input jack so an external microphone can be used. My Casio is a EX-
    Z120 and is 7.2 megapixels. Go to Casio's web site and see what is available. I only paid
    about $250.

    Good luck.

    Mark Sablow
  7. Ricoh compacts like the Caplio GX have a dedicated audio mode. The Pentax Optio 750z does also. The sampling rate is only about 8khz, but that wouldn't be too bad for things like speech and music rehearsals, which I've used mine for, but the compression applied is like an old cassette recorder and destroys any dynamics.

    I think I read that the Canon S-whatever can record stereo audio, perhaps just in movie mode, and that the new G7 has a dedicated audio recording mode. No idea if they're any good.

    For good sound recording HiMD minidisc recorders are a good compact solution, and there are small digital media and hard drive recorders available. High quality uncompressed .wav sound files take up a huge amount of memory and limit the capability of any camera's audio mode.

    I agree that he might find something more suitable in the DV recorders if he insists on having image and sound in one device.

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