Point Defiance in Color (Crown Graphic/Rodenstock/Velvia 100F))

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  1. Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, WA in fall color. This is a nice afternoon's use of my Crown Graphic. Lenses were all Rodenstock: 90mm Grandagon-N 6.8, 150mm Sironar-N f/5.6, 210mm Sironar-N f/5.6. Fuji Velvia 100F. Everything at f/22, and whatever shutter speed was required to match.

    Hope y'all enjoy! One pic per post to follow.
  2. Tree Pond Smaller.jpg Tree & Pond.
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  3. Picture Taking Smaller.jpg Photography.
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  4. Red Tree.
    Red Tree Smaller.jpg
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  5. My friend Carl, who accidentally walked past my scene....
    Carl Smaller.jpg
  6. Ducks in the pond.

    Pond Smaller.jpg
  7. Tinware, Ft. Nisqually. Tinware Smaller.jpg
  8. Rainier, 8x10. These two are from Fireman's Park.

    Mt Rainier Cropped Smaller.jpg
  9. Thanks again to Bill Bowes who turned me on to 4x5 by giving me a whole setup! I'm off and running....

    OBTW - Two of the lenses are the Caltar re-badged Rodenstocks. I don't even keep track of which is which; they came off the same line to the same specs.
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  10. Lovely Rich colors!! I too own a Speed Graphic and I have toyed with the idea to use 4x5, but besides a mass plague of procrastination, I can'T scan the format. I thought I'd do direct to print on paper chemistry but I never couldn't get the pre-flash and the contrast was appaling and I'd used up 85% of my paper and still no working formula..oh and the horizontal flip/backwards results ..see no scanner for 4x5. end of rant

    Beautiful results with Velvia, really seems worth the price of the film with these results. Excellent exposures!!
  11. Silverfast software for scanning has some menu problems. They don't size correctly for your sceen. So I may have accidentally bumped up the saturation higher than the film would usually warrant. Anyhow, Can't really tell what to do other than adjust the slider to something good looking. This is what I got...
  12. On the other hand, this was the best day for Fall colors ever, so ....
  13. Epson V800 Scanner, in case you wanted to go whole hog.
  14. Great images, Bradley. Outstanding color. BTW, who processed your Velvia?
    I really need to use my Crown Graphic more.
  15. North Coast Photographic Services, Carlsbad, CA.
  16. view from Camp Defiance
    a former military fortification located at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers
    Nikkormat FTn
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