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  1. I found these two stashed away in a box , (I knew that I had them SOMEWHERE :D).
    Neither Camera has been used for more than 20 years.
    Both Cameras still appear to be working , and I cannot see any signs of fungus or hazing.
    But which one to test first ? :D.
    I thought that I would post this for interests sake.
    This picture was taken with a Canon PowerShot G12.

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  2. Development frost-bit in the bud:

    Advanced Photo System
    Nikon Nuvis S ca 1996
    perhaps without digital, it could have been a "contenda"
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  3. My wife hated it. I thought she would have liked it but she hated it. I like a lot of things about APS just hated why they have to be smaller than 35mm?
  4. The Konica Big Mini was a fave of Robert Frank and Japanese photographer Hiromix. If it works and you dig it, keep it; otherwise sell it since it's got a cult following.
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  5. I have the Konica A4 (model before the Big Mini). Big Mini has the same lens, but adds more AF zones and focuses continuously from infinity into close up range. The fixed focal length P&S eventually gave way to zooms (often with insanely small maximum apertures). Try them both, but I'd try the Big Mini first.
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  6. Ok , here are 3 test pictures from the Konica Big-Mini.
    Very mundane subjects.
    Pictures captured on Fujicolor C200 , processed and scanned by the local photo lab.
    I have mixed feelings about the picture quality-----what do you-all think ???.



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  7. I was thinking not so long ago, about how much film is wasted for the perforations in 35mm film. It isn't so obvious with 24mm wide film that APS couldn't have fit a larger image than they did. Though with improved films, it isn't so bad, and much bigger than 110.
  8. But if I am a 35mm user I would like to have the many conveniences of the APS but I am not ready to go for a smaller format. Film stock are pretty much the same and larger film always yield better quality.
  9. ]


    I disliked APS, too expensive compared to 35 mm.
  10. R1-07545-0017.JPG
    Well , I finally had the test roll for the Minolta Riva 70Ex processed , as you can see , the camera still works and makes pictures , (although not very good ones).
    Film was Fujicolor C200 , processed and scanned by the local lab , resized for this forum.
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