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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by mrstubbs, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Ask yourself "is what I'm posting going to be helpful to other readers trying
    to improve their craft?"

    You have some opinion it was otherwise?
  2. Hi Anthony, I'll be the first to admit I'm not Einstein but I don't understand what your point is. BTW, I'm not a "mod" but you just might've helped make their point with this post. Did you have something deleted by a "mod" by chance?
  3. Yes Beau, for some silly reason I thought a quiz, on a light source, may have been a little fun and possibly educational. A couple of people tried, and then I left another clue. Then it was deleted. I notice quite a few other threads here go undeleted without having any value at all. This thread had no abuse, no bad manners, and would have surprised a few people on it's simplicity. A wasted effort obviously.

    Made the point with this post? You can't make a point if no one is listening!
  4. Since it's difficult enough to get people to search, I guess we should appreciate that someone actually read that little blurb. Ignored it but then progress is glacial at times.
  5. Hmmm... I'm sorry to hear that. In the end though the mods call the shots. Frankly there've been many times I was puzzled because of the tripe I'd written inexplicably stayed up. Go figure. Oh well... Good luck!
  6. I'll try again. Not to make any point other that light is our friend!

    Can you identify the light source?
  7. Instead of complaining, why don't you email the moderator of that forum and ask him/her why the thread was deleted?

    That's likely to get you a whole lot further than just trying to make the site volunteers look like jerks.
  8. Who is trying to make who look like a jerk?
  9. I can't identify the light source. Looks like a triptych though? The image on the left appears to be illuminated by a single source - almost like a hotlight - because of the strong shadow cast behind the doll-like thing. The light on the wall behind it appears round; but I'm not sure about that due to its blending with the middle part/image. I'm having a hard time making out what's happening in the middle part with the flames around the guy's head. The image on the right (taken 5 minutes later according to the wall clock) appears to be lit the same as the far left, but a different camera angle's used. I don't *think* the candle is playing a large role. But that's the best I can surmise. It's almost like a spotlight with a red filter. Interesting image!
  10. Anthony, I haven't looked but sometimes mods will move a thread. If your initial post was about identifying the light source in the photo it may have been moved to another category ("Lighting equipment and techniques" perhaps?) other than "casual conversations".
  11. Hi again Beau, last thread was a little more clear I guess. The flame, candle and lcd clock are all part of the exposure but don't have any measurable affect on the exposure. It is a triptych. I figured the three would give more clues than one.
  12. Why would we be able to identify the light source? It's red and not extremely bright, and it looks to be a single light. What is your point here? I find the photos and the effect rather unremarkable, so even after your light source is identified I don't expect to be jumping to build on the technique.
  13. Well I guess that just makes you different to me Grayson. Not really a bad thing is it?
  14. Anthony, I remember the thread and it was a good quiz only I did not have time to look at it. The problem for me was that you had to click on each picture. If the pictures were in the thread it would have been easier. I ALWAYS enjoy a good quiz :) ~ I just didn't have time to look at it! I think it was a GREAT idea ;) ~ don't stop trying to make us grow! :)~ micki
  15. Well now i'm chuckling. I found the other thread hidden away and saw the problem. I gave a guess... the moderator deleted it based on an assumption I was being rude..I said; "the source is where you are sitting while browzing"...the moderator obviously read that to mean something offensive. It was not.

    The source is a mouse. Laying on it's back. A metre distant.

    Dear Mr Mod,

    ..go shoot youself with a smile!

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