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  1. I just have gotten my brownie target six-20 from my grandmother that was somewhere in her house, it seems (besides minor scratches on the outside, "wear") to be in good working order. At first the winder on the side seem to roll fine, but now its EXTREMLY difficult to turn, i had to use pilars just to turn it. (and im sure im winding it the correct way, counter-clockwise?)(in addition i couldnt pull it out at all, as if to open up the camera, that was stuck aswel) Then, as of a few momment ago, i belive the film has snapped or something, because the winder now winds with ease, and it can pull out, But the film isnt turning. I think im almost to the 7th photo.
    I was wondering what to do now,
    and did i instal the film wrong? A local photographer put a 120 film in one end (on top) and fed it to the 620 on the other side (bottom). but i didnt have two spools 620s in there. would that effect it?
    Much thanks appreciated for help!
  2. The 120 spool is larger and if forcefully fitted will make winding very difficult and tear the film. Once thing that a lot of guys do here, is to trim the plastic lips of the 120 spool to make them smaller and hence fit, but that doesn't work with all cameras. I, personally, just re-roll 120 film into 620, the paper back and film are identical in size; it is the spools that differ.
  3. sounds like the 120 spool is binding
    some say to clut off the flanges of the 120 spool
    old kodak cameras vary, my wife';s brownie hawkeye 620 takes a 120 spool without problems in the FULL ROLL side.
    but many complain one will not fit.
    the option of clipping the flange off a 120 spool will help but when you manually respool the film back to the rworked 120 spool,
    the light leak on the edge ( if someone handles it carelessely) may fog the film.
    look for some way to make space inside the camera.,
    a few models have "bumps" that can be flattened ( be very careful)
    freestyle sales and photo warehouse ( ) are good sources for 120 film
    You may have to buy an old 620 camera to get a few extra spols.
    remember to see if the lens has dirt or fungus and use slower film.
    in those days iso 100 was super high speed. but it is the slowest you can find today.
    the camera will outperform a holga. but the same "rukles "apply slower film and decent daylight conditions.
    and NO light Leaks and NO crrner fall off or darkness.
  4. Maybe the backing paper got caught between the flanges of the take-up reel and the edges of the filmchamber? That would clog up the works pretty swiftly though.
  5. There are a few sellers on ebay who sell 620 spools, might be worth checking out. I have the Brownie Hawkeye 620 as well and it takes the 120 rolls just fine on the top side but the holes in the 120 rolls are two large to use as the take-up spool because the winding knob wont engage in the larger hole.
  6. I have two Target Six-20's. Neither of them will take a 120 spool as the feeder. You need to find another 620 spool so that you can respool your 120 film. I have been doing this for a few years. The others are right. This old camera will run a Holga ragged. I get great compliments from the results of these old cameras. You can take the front off the camera, it is held on by four small screws in the corners. Clean the lens and the viewfinders and your results will be much better. Good luck in finding an empty spool. maybe someone on the forum will have an extra spool for you. I just gave away my last extra. :^)
  7. I've destroyed a 620 spool trying that- and will never do it again. The springs that hold the spool in have a bad habit of wandering out of the center and into the outsides of the "+" shaped holes on the plastic 120 spools; 620 spools have a smaller round holes.
    Rerolling is your best bet.
  8. Unfortunately, you may have broken it. If I remember correctly the wind lever turns counter clockwise (to a stop!) to move it out for reloading and clockwise for winding on.
  9. If it turns clockwise for winding on then it is opposite of both my Brownie Hawkeye Flash model and my Six-20 Brownie Junior.
    Kat, I have one 620 spool I can spare if you wish to email me with your address.
  10. Michael,
    That was your last one?
  11. Thanks for your help guys! =]
  12. Barry,
    No, I have a few more, but that was my last extra. I have 120 spooled on a small number of 620 spools so that I can use the camera at will. I want to try some color neg film in this little camera, I have some Portra 160VC which I may use. My lab will save my spools for me if I ask (and since they can be scarce, I do ask)

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