Please help me choose photo for bridal mag ad

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by nicola inglis, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. I need to choose an image for my ad in a bridal mag. It will be in the
    photographers showcase section, I get half a page so my pic will be larger if it
    is landscape rather than portrait but having said that my previous two ads in
    this mag have been portrait.

    I tried to make a special folder to put my favourites in for your consideration
    but had no luck moving things. So the two that seem to be front runners so far
    are the one in the 'advertising possibilities' folder and the top/first one in
    the 'favourites '06' folder.

    Please feel free to suggest anything else than catches your eye.

    And thanks for your time.
  2. I prefer the one from advertising possibilities.

    Perhaps convert it to black and white?
  3. Definitely "the dip" in advertising folder. I agree that maybe B&W but it's nice how it is also.
  4. A half page is a lot, how about modern album page with a few shots showing album design and your great images. I would think smart clinets can see that photographers put the best shots of all their weddings (showing different people) but several good shots of the same wedding lets them know they can expect many great images. Just a thought.
  5. I also vote for the dipping shot.
  6. I am for the dipping shot, is more fun. The other is great, too, especially if you are wanting to convey a more intimate theme...I just think the "dipping" shot is a more lively, carefree, fun type of photo. Just my opinion, though.
  7. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    I agree, strongly, with one thought of Mr Dohring, but interpret the response of the market slightly differently.

    For an half page glossy spread it is a waste to choose one image.

    Your image in a magazine is both advertising and marketing: you should do the utmost to cater for all prospective clients; by choosing one image you run the risk of not attracting some, or perhaps turning some off because the do not fancy that image or its style.

    Certainly the image contained in `advertising possibilities` could be included.

    Choose two more showing diversity.

    Remember diversity can be shown in the subject matter, as well as photographic style: to this end I would in include an appropriate image from a shoot where the groom was full tilt tails, or tux.


  8. After looking through your photos, I don't think that either photo is the best choice for the advertisement. The two photos you choose don't show the full extent of your creative and beautiful photography skills. I would go with the photo of the couple with the doves in front, the picture next to that photo with the couple under the gazebo, or the photo with the couple kissing under her veil with the light from behind the couple (3rd row, I think). These photos have more emotion and set your photography apart from every wedding's typical couple photos.

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