!! PLEASE HELP !! Concerning Speedotron Force 10 monolights...

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by nick_g|2, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. I'm planning on purchases 4 Speedotron Force 10 monolights but I
    first need to know if they can be powered by the new Dyna-lite XP1100
    sine wave inverter/battery... I've read around and haven't been able
    to find an answer specifically about the force 10 lights... has
    anyone used them together? the XP1100 says it provides enough power
    for a 1,100w/s strobe and the force 10 is only a 1,000w/s strobe, but
    I've heard that the force 10's have more drain because of the
    microprocessors... please help!!! this is almost a 8k investment so I
    have to be certain it will work...
  2. I don't have a complete answer, but this byte should help. The Force 10 monolight has an optional slow-charge rate which significantly reduces the amount of power needed to charge the capacitors. It also increases the recycle time. You should be OK if you don't exceed the VA rating of the XP1100, and slowing the charge rate will lower the VA. I can't give you more details, because I can't find my Force 10 manual.

    You'll probably have to forego using the 250W modeling lamps if you want any kind of battery life (4 seconds of light = 1 full pop!).

    Besides VA rating, there are sine wave form factors, peak load and other ratings to consider. You need technical support from Speedotron and Dyna-lite. Good luck getting cross-reference help. You'll need it.

    For what it's worth, you can get 3 Photogenic 320B's for the price of one Force 10, which work with a Quantum Turbo battery. They're worth considering for occasional work away from a line power source.
  3. thanks I contacted dyna-lite and the flash clinic so hopefully they will respond soon... i am kinda stuck on the force 10's instead of something like the photogenics because the amazing power of the force 10's, thanks for your input so far though...
  4. I like Force 10s too, but I have both. It's just a lot easier to use the 320Bs in a park, and there's only 1.5 stops difference. Indoors, I have to crank the power down on either if I want to keep the aperture below f/16 (using NPH400). I have a couple of Turbo battery packs and Y-cables I can use with the 320Bs or Quantum flashes. It's a lot easier to mount modifiers on monolights than Quantums.
  5. is it really only a 1.5 difference? i mean is the GN really 540 on the force 10... and then the photogenics would be at around 340? how many flashes do they get with the turbo battery? thanks again...

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