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  1. It is probably well known here that I have self-funded my eight years of photography that substantially has included street work in Ukraine, Europe's largest country as it stumbles from Communism to post-Communism.
    Many of my photos are well known here, and two of them from time in Ukraine have been chosen as Photos of the Week here on
    I have taken over a half million photos in Ukraine, stored in over thirty hard drives of a terabyte or more. Soon it will be time to prepare to exhibit in galleries and maybe museums.
    You can help.
    These final preparations and repatriating my several hundred pounds of computer equipment to the USA will require several months to a half year and several trips to Ukraine, returning with hard drives as carry-on -- some are old and just one of the old $400 one-terabyte hard drives weighs six to eight pounds and still functions perfectly, but is too delicate to be shipped. There are 31 such hard drives.
    Politics are changing in Ukraine, and it's best to repatriate my entire collection lest it be seized.
    For that reason I've engaged a campaign to raise funds with GoFundMe.Com to raise hard expenses only for airfare and modest living expenses for this period.
    Please click on this link to my campaign on their site and if you are interested, a donation would be most appreciated. I've spent well over several hundred thousand dollars taking the photos which I display free here on this site.
    The site has just gone up and it is expected to change from time to time, so please make plans to revisit the site.
    I am placing this link on my bio page as well to help you do just that.
    The goal is $9,875, and it can be exceeded. This is a bare bones number and more could easily be put to excellent use.
    This is a 'crowdfunding' site. For an extremely modest fee the site host creates the site, hosts it and collects and distributes the proceeds to me minus their absurdly small fee. Direct donations also can be accepted/contact me. Donations through the site are made by debit and/or credit card and are accepted from donors worldwide.
    I hope that will include members, and I greatly welcome donations from PN members worldwide.
    After all you PN members are my family.
    Thanks, with gratitude.
    John (Crosley)
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