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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by sanford, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. I think this is a Leica M6 shot, but it might be Nikon w/105mm Nikkor. I was using both that day and didn't keep track.
  2. thumbs up...
  3. pcg


    Very nice one. One of my favorites of yr work!
  4. Sanford,

    I live within a short drive from the of my favorite "street" places.

    How would you categorize this subject? You said "abstract," but you probably found it on the "street," where people walk. Is it a "street" photograph? It is not a wedding, it is not a formal portrait, it is not commercial, it is not landscape, it is not seems to be "street" to me.

    I say this in regard to the street photo shootout. I think is is a street photo.

    You should have saved it for the shootout, but I guess it was taken too long ago.

    Very good.
  5. It looks like a lady in a flame..;)
  6. Todd - I think a traditional "street photo" needs something recognizable, people, and should be black & white. I don't think I'll enter the shootout because my dial-up connection is just too slow to view a huge number of photos - and the number will be large.
  7. No, can't say I like it. It's the sort of thing I do when I'm bored and I don't like my own results either.
  8. Nice shot Sanford.

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