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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by noddy_b, Jul 2, 2003.

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    Focus seems a little off. The photo appears to be unnecessary grainy. And your
    grandmother might think it exciting to be on Internet!
  3. I lik the repetition of vertical forms: the chair & basket, the woman , and her shadow.
    i also like the way you set her off by choosing an angle that frames her against the
    back dark frame of the doorway.
  4. I see a lot of good and interesting things here apart from the focus and grain issues that Patrick mentions.<p>I am particularly fascinated by the idea of movement raised by the cane and the dark hallway and the light that she is looking into. Her immediate future here is unknown, but, as with us all, then end is the same. She looks like she getting ready to rise and go, but which way?<p> The shadow, representing lack of light and substance is echoed by the empty basket in the empty chair and the barren walls. In some sense I find this photograph ominous and it can also be read as hopeful.<p>
  5. Composition is kind of loose. You might say it's tightly framed around the chair on the left and the couch back on the right, but still, the human figure is smaller than you would usually want. If you want to put the figure into context with the chair and choice, I think you would not want to have her so far back in the background.
  6. I took the photo using this little thing on the left (Clie PDA with pinhole digicam). The problem with the digicam is it only has 600k file, so it looks out of focus. Probably speed was too slow, but it was fully automatic. I converted it to grayscale in PS and added contrast. What I like about this photo is my grandma was totally unaware that I was taking a photograph. She was natural and was her usual self.
  7. So you have a Leica MP and use your Sony Clie to take pictures?????

    What's up with that? You have to have your priorities churgicly straigthend out......
  8. Just got my MP a couple of weeks ago. Clie is my spy-cam (no naughty photos).
  9. I find the photo visually confusing because your grandma appears at first glance to have four arms.
  10. Jonathan, I can assure you she only has two! Thx for the observation!

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