Playing with Adobe Enhance-Super Resolution with 5D MK IV RAW

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by Mark Keefer, Mar 17, 2021.

  1. I am doing this on a PC with the latest Adobe Lightroom Classic and Latest Adobe Photoshop. It seems a bit clumbsy to work with, but I can take a RAW 5D MK IV file and edit in Photoshop, when PS opens the file it will use Adobe Camera Raw.

    From the menu I select Enhance Enhace tool.JPG
    And I select Super Resolution. I am only seeing double screen resolution. (Not sure if there is a way to get 3x or 4x,
    possibly this would exceed the size limit and that is why I see no other options?)
    Enhanced Preview.JPG
    This does a nice job. Here is a clip from the original file at 100%:
    Regular 2.JPG

    And here is the Super Resolution version, it does a pretty good job on my 5D MK IV raw files retaining detail.
    Enhanced 2.JPG

    This is a nice feature and could come in handy if you need to make large prints. Has anyone else tried this. I would like to see your results, especially with older cameras and with lower resolution cameras and hear your thoughts.
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  2. Oh, this is Adobe Photoshop 22.3
    Adobe PS 22.3.JPG
  3. Yeah, I just tried it out today too. Here's a D70 image (converted to black and white) and cropped at 100% DSC_0034tree orig.jpg
  4. and here is the same image enhanced and doubled in size, then cropped at 100% tree 0034 enhanced.jpg
  5. I realize this is the Canon thread and I was shooting a Nikon! My D70 was 6 mp and the enhanced image is 24 mp. I'm impressed!
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  6. SJ, No worries on the brand. So from what I understand, this isn't a bicubic upscale of a photo, it is upscale using machine learning. The software is figuring out what needs to be in the increased pixel space. In your case, you essentially can make good 24 megapixel images from a 6 megapixel camera without having to buy a new higher resolution camera. You can make much larger 300 dpi prints.

    I have been dreaming of a camera with 50+ megapixels for years, but I have avoided it because of cost. Now I know this doesn't really make my 30 megapixel 5D MK IV sensor into a R5, but this software impresses me and can allow me to produce images with a medium format resolution.

    I hope Adobe will make this feature work easier from within Lightroom, as it is, the work flow is awkward having to edit externally and get it back in Lightroom. But I have read this will be implemented in Lightroom soon.

    I almost feel like I have a new higher-end camera.:)
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  7. This is really a great feature(one of the best features Adobe has come up with) not only for making big prints. If you have a low resolution camera and can't afford to upgrade to a high-res camera your problem is solved
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