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  2. Point Lobos, 2004, Olympus C5060WZ. Pushing those levels levers around in P.S. Elements.

    Pt Lobos - Trees.jpg
  3. Irrigation scene (posted previously)
  4. Infrared image taken with R-72 filter on Pentax K-100, post processing with PS CS6
  5. Oakland Cem Ybor Chick-121 copy 900.jpg Playing with my image of a can still see him in this?
  6. 0085a Truco Fotograma Hoja Anillos Madera-Micro-NikkorPC55.jpg Micro-Nikkor P.C.55 on Fuji X-P1
  7. Tanzania-Ngorongoro-Serval-merge.jpg
    merged 2 sequence shots of the same leaping serval cat from Ngorongoro, Tanzania
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