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  1. I am having difficulty finding a usable icc profile for Epson Legacy Platine paper. I am using mac 11.6 on an m1 and Epson P900. It does not install with the latest download from Epson. Support has not responded. And after trying many alternative & custom profiles... I have wasted enough paper. I have a couple images i would prefer on this paper. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  2. Sorry man, all I see on Epson's site is the drivers and utilities combo package installer which is supposed to have the media installer. There's a discussion on DP review I just looked at in reference mostly to the P700 that seem to say that the profiles don't include the Legacy papers, but one guy stated: "The paper selection menu on the P700 appears to have nothing for the Epson Legacy papers -- Platine, Baryta, Fibre, and Etching. I got nice results on Legacy Fibre by chosing "Fine Art Matte," but what about others?" I don't think that really helps you but maybe it's an avenue to explore. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. The discussion is here :P700 how to select Epson Legacy papers: Printers and Printing Forum: Digital Photography Review
    Good luck, hope you get a result.
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    What OS? If you're on Mac OS 11.6.2, there's a bug that will not show the profiles. You have to either downgrade or update to 12.X; bug was fixed.
  4. Thanks Barry. Epson support got back to me only to say "You can use the Luster 260 profile for this media." I'll give it a try later after tracking it down.

    Andrew - Mac os 11.6.1. No problem seeing installed profiles. The problem here is finding a usable profile.
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  6. Most vendors, including Epson, buy from a small number of mills. For example, when my favorite coated paper, the original Canson Baryta Photographique, disappeared, so did a number of other barytas from other vendors, including I think one Epson Legacy paper. I know longer recall whether the Epson Legacy and Canon Platines are from the same source, but it might be that the Canson Platine ICC is reasonably close.
  7. Thank you I'll try that.

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