Plastic Caps on Nikon Bodies.

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by alex_lofquist, Oct 14, 2002.

  1. Over the years I have lost all the small plastic caps covering the
    flash sync and electronic shutter release for my F4S and F5. I
    suppose I could put Gaffer Tape over the contacts, but is there a
    better option?

  2. Get replacements, from your local dealer, from B&H, or from Nikon USA.
  3. Try: Nikon Parts, Torrance, CA 800-645-6678

    They can help you with the right part aware, these little caps cost about $2.50 each. They do disappear easily though!
  4. And I think the minimum shipping charge from Nikon is $10. Maybe your should order 2 or more complete sets....
  5. I've never lost the caps of my F-90X, they are in always a drawer at home :) They're only aesthetics (IMO)
  6. ShunCheung

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    One item I have lost several times over the years is the round eye piece covering the viewfinder. (I have lost it from my FE, N8008 and more recently the F5.) My local pro store carries them for like $12.50 each. I have also gotten into the habit to tighten the eye piece and other caps once in a while when I have the camera in hand but not shooting.
  7. The plastic caps serve no useful purpose except make the camera look good in a Nikon advertisement. They should be thrown away immediately if you intend to use the terminals. Even if you don't use the terminals, you will eventually lose those plastic caps.

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