Planning an holiday in Bretagne, France. Suggestions sought!

Discussion in 'Nature' started by marco_p|1, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Hi to all,
    As per the subject, i will be in Bretagne for two weeks, mid August.
    Ar there any places I should not miss? I am interested in nature photography, birdwatching. I am aware it's not the best time in the year as the nesting season is over and migration is probably not started, but that's it...
    Thank you very much for your help and your time.
  2. For birding Pointe du Raz (along with almost anywhere on the coastline). For non-birding: Mont St Michel (famous monastery islet), St Malo (beautiful old walled city), Jugon Les Lacs (great small, photogenic and not touristy village), Plancoet (best restaurant in Bretagne), Binic (charming fishing village), St-Pol-de-Leon & Roscoff (both great sea vistas), Concarneau (touristy but beautiful), Pont Aven (breathtaking river village good for 50 shots), Pontivy (excellent castle & small town), Carnac (ancient fields of menhirs or small stone obelisks), Locronan (ancient, touristy but a must see). Birds are all over Bretagne, especially around the edges as are magnificent cliffs, great architecture and a lot more. One of the most beautiful places on Earth. Wife says if God has a summer house, it's here.
  3. david_henderson


    Brittany is not really a "wild" coast and the hand of man is never far away. Its interesting that places have different effects on different people. I stayed in Pont Aven and didn't take a single photograph and wouldn't go again. I can vouch for the fact that Locronan is not touristy- at 8am. At 3pm its a different story I thought. Regardless, I enjoyed Brittany and recall the following as the photographic highlights.
    St Malo, especially along the coast. L'Aber Wrac'h, a bit of drowned river coastline north of Brest. The old rotting wooden boats at Camaret, at the end of the Crozon peninsula. The orange rocks around Perros-Guirec, east of Roscoff. The large inlet around Etel/Belz/St Cado northwest of Carnac. The riverside town of Dinan near St Malo.
    Expect parking to be an issue in the most touristed areas. Arriving early in the day is never a bad idea.
    There's a few photographs from Brittany on my website
  4. Hi Marco,
    I enjoyed Brittany very much for its landscapes and the friendly people there, even to a german tourist. My website can give you a little impression of what I have seen and was attracted to.
    Have fun.
  5. Thank you Walter, David and Peter, your help and suggestions are very appreciated!
    I will look at the provided links as soon as I can.
  6. "I stayed in Pont Aven and didn't take a single photograph and wouldn't go again."
    That's sad David. Maybe next time I go you should come with me and I'd be happy to show you what to shoot.
    For clarification's sake, if anyone is put off toward Pont Aven and parts of Brittany by this post I urge them to search the net for photos of Pont Aven before making the wrong decision. Not sure why someone would write such an unhelpful and negative blurb without backing it up with some facts or at very least explanations.
  7. Walter and David have given you a long list that could keep you busy for weeks. I would just add Belle-Ile, an island off the southern coast. You can catch a ferry in Quiberon in the morning, rent a car or a bike when you land, tour the island all day and sail back in the evening. Hightlights are the village of Sauzon, the cliffs at Port-Coton and at the southeast point. In Quiberon, the "wild coast" is worth a few shots, especailly near sunset.
    If you like architecture, the parish closes in Guimiliau, St-Thegonnec and Pleyben are a must. And so is Quimper for its cathedral and medieval streets.
    I would argue with Walter about the best restaurant. My pick is the Maison de Bricourt in Cancale.
    Have a great vacation, and sample the crepes and the cider.
  8. Thank you again, I will add Quiberon and the Belle-Ile to the map where I am locating the places worth visiting. Besides crepes (and gallettes) and cider I was advised to taste Calvados, although it's from normandy, if I understand correctly.
  9. Marco, Calvados is indeed form Normandy. But so is Mont-St-Michel, so you're OK. Just don't drive afterwards, French cops are no mercy for alcohol anymore. And by the way, watch for all the speed traps with automated radars.
  10. david_henderson


    Walter Donovan
    Just because my opinion does not concur with yours does not make it “unhelpful” or “blurb”. Indeed “unhelpful” might well be sitting here quietly with a counter opinion and not mentioning it when every stop has an opportunity cost.
    I spent enough time in Pont Aven over two days to arrive at a considered view. My hotel room overlooked the stream/gorge that no doubt featured in many of your photographs. Maybe instead of making silly statements to the effect that I should have facts (?) to support a necessarily subjective view, you could motivate the OP by posting on your photographs that you think make Pont Aven a prime photographic location? Or provide a pointer to your website or wherever your pictures can be found. Perhaps then your offer to improve my photography might have some credibility.

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