Plain paper choice for printing on Epson Pro printers?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by kah_hoe_wan, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Can anyone recommend a plain paper choice that comes close to a movie poster print?
  2. You mean movie poster size?
    Plain paper that will print like more expensive kinds of paper?
    Plain paper, if that is what you mean, is not going to produce super prints since it normally is too absorbent and the colors tend to spread.
    Size has nothing to do with the quality of a print in general terms.
    You need to give us some more information about what you want to do.
  3. I am looking to print on paper similar to those of movie posters. Or any poster for that matter.
    Specifically looking for paper that is not thick enough to be called Photo paper but isn't to thin to be called plain paper. Think regular poster thickness and quality.
  4. You probably have two choices that could work well depending on the finish you are after. Enhanced matte paper rolls (in sheets it is Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte) are a very good and economical matte paper. I do test prints on it up to 40x60 and they are very durable and attractive prints.
    Premium Luster paper is a bit more than twice the price but still no terrible. It will give you a nice sheen to it (like a varnished poster would) without that high gloss feel.
  5. You mean you want to make "replicas" of actual movie posters?
    Much depends on your printer, but as I said, the porous kind of paper used for most actual movie and other posters usually will not work well with dye inkjet printers, and usually not with pigment-type printers either, for the reason I already gave.
    Smaller movie posters, like what are called "lobby cards," were sometimes printed on a layer poster stock something like that used for baseball cards and the like.

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