Places to shoot in Bordighera, Italy?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by blowingsky, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. I am going to Bordighera for two weeks starting the second week of October. I
    will be staying up the hill somewhere but expect I will have a lot of time to
    walk around the town and to take the train to San Remo.

    Anyone have recommendations? Showing some pictures would be wonderful too, if
    you have them.
  2. I just returned from a vacation in that area, but I haven't been in Bordighera.

    I can recommend Porto Maurizio (the western part of Imperia) about 50Km eastwards from San Remo. (Easy to get there if you have transport.)

    If you're a bit into artwork (especially paintings) Valloria could be an interesting place for you ... A tiny village where a lot of doors are painted by artists. (About 20Km from Porto Maurizio).

    Further on (another 25Km eastwards from Porto Maurizo) Laigueglia is a nice small place ... also is Albenga (another 10Km eastwards).

    Sorry, can't exactly help you with the place you're going to.
  3. Sorry I can't give you a real answer. Just wanted to say that I envy you. I'm planning to include it in a wonderful european vacation in a few more years when I retire, assuming that by then our dollar may still be worth at least half a Euro.

    I'm sure that if Monet enjoyed painting there, you should find it no problem to find suitable subjects to photograph. It looks beautiful from what I've seen. Have fun!
  4. Retiring in a few more years, Charles? It is I who envy you.
  5. Get a Michelin Green Guide for Italy that includes Bordighera.

    There is/was a largeish restaurant there called "Erio's", named after the proprietor, a former opera singer. Go there, eat there, dance there, and see if Erio has any suggestions. You won't regret the meal. Don't worry about reading a menu, Erio decides what everyone eats.
  6. Peter, just a few miles from Bordighera you can find "Seborga" and "Dolceacqua" but you will need either to rent a car / a scooter or to get a taxi (not sure if there is any bus that gets there)
  7. If you go to Dolceacqua, I can suggest to have lunch or dinner at "La Rampa", a small restaurant/pizzeria on the main square, good food at reasonable price. Another picture of "Seborga". "Sanremo" is much easier to reach from Bordighera (either bus or train), be sure you don't miss to visit the old town, also know as "La Pigna". The old town in Ventimiglia is nice as well, but less scenic than Sanremo's "Pigna".
  8. Also, "Triora" and "Bussana Vecchia" are worth a visit, both a few miles from Bordighera. Again, I am not sure about the possibility to get there by bus, I always went by car.
  9. Again, Perinaldo and Apricale come to my mind... Here are a few more "itineraries", all in few miles from Bordighera and Sanremo - I am sorry this link is only in Italian. Get a good map, plan your visit and have fun!

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