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  1. is there any place that I can send my xpan film to that will process them and scan them? thanks,
  2. Might help if you told us where you live, at least a country.
  3. whoops that is a good point :) , in the US, I live in Connecticut.
  4. Black and white? MV Photo Labs in NYC does an excellent job processing and printing. I am positive they can do an excellent job scanning. Ask for Jim, one of the owners. They are located at 4 West 37th Street, 5th Floor, NYC, NY 10018. The number is 917-208-9791.
    In Miami, you can call The Dark Room. Ask for Randy or Brian. The number is 305-532-2185. They do a lot of high end printing I am positive they can help you with your scans.
  5. If you're doing mail order, North Coast Photo Services in California is worth a look. Their prices are fair and they do good work, although my experience with them is only in C41. You might email them and ask about Xpan scans.
  6. richards photo lab.
    They are excellent, in fact the very best, at processing et. al., and I have had my xpan scanned there.
    Good luck.
  7. North Coast Photo Services
    Richards Photo Lab
    A&I Labs
    Photoworks SF
    All these labs do excellent work. NCPS and Photoworkssf have lower prices than the others. I'm in DC. There are probably labs out here on the east coast that offer excellent service and price too but I haven't located them yet.

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