Pixma Pro 100/Print Studio Pro image size problem

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by rob_ruttan, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Hello...I use a Canon Pixma Pro 100 and the Print Studio Pro software. I'm running Windows 10, and trying to print out of the latest Photoshop. When I send an image to the printer, it will simply not come out at the size I want; I'll set something to 8 x 10 in Photoshop, and it will come out much smaller. I can't find any way of adjusting it to be the size it's meant to be, and I have no idea why the software simply ignores the size I've selected. The various sliders for margins, etc, in Print Studio Pro do nothing helpful. Plus, I can't find preferences settings anywhere to get the controls out of metric and back to Imperial.
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    It can drive you crazy (and waste paper / pigment). I have found only three ways to do what you want. First pick a paper proportion that fits your format, 4x6 in my case and select Full - 4x6 of the whole photo. Second select the actual paper size and select Full there will be a slight crop of the image - borderless. Last, select paper 8.5 x 11, print size 8x10 and you will need to trim the paper. Have managed to work with it, though no expert - the prints are great in any case!
  3. Not familiar with Print Studio Pro, but in general, the more layers of software you put between image data and printer, the worse things get.

    All printers have a native driver - that's one layer. Then you're usually printing from an image editor, that's two layers. Maybe a print profile gets interposed as well. Now we're up to 3 layers of software, some of which might be 'fighting' each other.
    The acronym KISS has never been more appropriate.

    Check the settings in your basic printer driver. They'll override anything that comes before. Also check the DPI setting in Photoshop and the print size set there.

    Ditch whatever Print Studio Pro is doing temporarily to eliminate that from the equation.

    Also get the print size right first by printing at low quality on standard copier paper. No point wasting expensive ink and paper printing out postage stamps!

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