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Discussion in 'Macro' started by G-P, Oct 25, 2016.

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    Hello all - Jin worked his magic and now in Macro Photography Forum - we have ~ 1000 pixel width limit (up from 700). We're going to expand this to the other forums where images are regularly uploaded as well!
  2. YEAH! Thanks Jin. Glenn, thanks for letting us know.
  3. SCL


  4. Good stuff, just posted one to the flower thread.
  5. Great. Thanks very much.
  6. That is GREAT news!
  7. That is very nice indeed.
  8. Glenn,
    The increased width doesn't seem to work well in the new user introductions forum. Please see this.
  9. I also note that some oversize images I posted way back when only one dimension was "counted" have not, despite being under the new size in most cases, come back to life(i.e., display) in older posts.
    Any hope of a retroactive improvement?
  10. Hector points to an issue I've had not with photos but gray box quotes overlapping into the right column graphics bounding box area. I don't think it has ever been fixed as long as I've been a paying member using any browser. Sometimes it does it and sometimes not.
    Hector's link shows that the images don't intrude on the right column graphic but just create a big empty space and start at the bottom of it.

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