Pink Trillium

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  1. Pink Trillium. Grown from seed and it takes 9 years to reach this stage.
    This was a focus stack of 45 images stacked in Helicon Focus.

  2. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    pink and grown from seed. thats quite an achievement.

    beautiful photo.
  3. Sorry if I gave the impression that I grew it from seed. My green fingers only go so far. A friend who is much more patient grew them from wild seeds and donated a whole load of pink and white ones to the Manada Conservancy for their spring wild flower sale.
  4. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    doesnt matter who grew them... from seed is not easy. it takes almost 7 years to first flower. survival rate in that time reduces how many you end up with. not an easy flower to grow from seed.
  5. A beautiful image.

    Would you please provide some more technical details - lens, camera, support system, etc.?
  6. Nikon D850 with a Sigma 135mm f/1.8
    0.5s @f/7.1 ISO64

    I probably would have used a RRS tripod with BH-55 ballhead.

    I used the built in Focus Shift feature but I don't remember exactly what settings I used, sorry. The 45 shots were stacked using Helicon Focus and I believe I used the Method B with a Radius of 8 and a Smoothing of 4.

    For those interested, Focus Shift using the more recent Nikon's is really easy. You focus on the nearest point and specify how many shots you want to take (max 300) and the Focus Step Width which is how much the lens automatically shifts for each image. Press the go and wait for it to finish, if it reaches Infinity before the number of images is reached it stops automatically.

    Heres a useful tutorial on the Focus Shift feature.

    D850 TIPS - Focus Stacking (Focus Shift Photography) | Technical Solutions | Nikon Professional Services

    Focus Stacking can be achieved with manual lenses by physical altering the focus between shots, for this you need a really solid mount and ideally a cable release,

    Heres an early attempt from a few years ago using a manual lens. This was only 13 shots and again stacking in Helicon Focus.

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  7. A tip of the hat from Alan Marcus
  8. Thank you very much, Mike.

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