Pinhole Polaroid

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    self made 4x5 Pinhole Polaroid aka Pinroid, 3000 ISO
  2. Very nice!

    I've been wanting to try building myself something similar. Thought I might look for a book to help explain how to construct the camera. Can you recommend a guide, or online resource for those just starting out? Thanks, M.V.
  3. Google "making pinhole cameras."
    What was the exposure on that sucker?
    Or check out all my links from my home page on pinhole photography.
  4. Thanks ?Beepy! Lots of good info. at your site. M.V.
  5. really nice, Markus. I have to dig out mine.
  6. What was the exposure on that sucker?
    1/5th sec. - aperture on this cam is ~f200
    for ISO 3000 I use my lightmeter at f32 and ISO 80
    @ M.V. I have found lots of info on the web, but had loads
    of fun learning things the hard way. The whole thing started
    with an old cardboard box (ironically from a Bessa R) and
    traditional darkroom paper, which was a royal pain in the ***
    since I could make one exposure only, run in the darkroom,
    develop and so on.
    Eventually I started browsing ebay for a Polaroid back and got a
    good deal quickly.
    I had to modify the back a bit to fit it on my box...
    to make a long story short, I have changed the focal lenght a
    couple of times and have made a few 'optimal' pinholes out
    of a pop can. a piece of electrical tape was used as a shutter
    Now my Pinroid sports a Moment 24 shutter, a tripod
    mount, a bubble level and a holder for exposed photographs,
    but all still around the 'original' Bessa Box...
    see a pic of the cam here (scoll down)
  7. Polaroid 55, Zero Image 4x5 pinhole camera with one extension (second pinhole yields 50mm "lens":). I fired 32 flashes from two Canon 580 EXs set up as master and slave, painting around the image with light, burning in the normally vignetted corners, burning in stuff in shadow.

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