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  1. Hello! I was donated some parts of a Cambo 4x5, and it's been a while since I've messed around with one. Could you help me figure out what I'm missing? Also is there a way to tell if the piece I have is a front or rear?

    I know I need the rail and the piece to attach the film holder. Is there another piece to attach the ground glass too?


  2. You are missing a rail, a standard, a back, a lensboard and, of course, a lens in shutter.

    In other words, you are missing most of an old camera.
  3. Approximately from top to bottom,

    sheet film holder
    standard bellows​
    lens board with flange for a relatively large lens
    front standard lens cap hiding a lens
    ground glass, ruled​
    tripod mounting block

    Measure to be sure, but I think the bits are from a 2x3 Cambo, model SC 1. If I'm right the lens board is 123 mm x 123 mm.
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  4. - It certainly looks as if the standard and bellows are smaller than the 5"x4" DDS shown.

    So you have aproximately 1/3rd of a not-very-useful-sized camera.

    Of course, the smaller standard could be used at the front, and a larger standard at the back.

    However, I'm afraid that it might cost more to source the individual parts needed than to buy a complete used camera.
  5. ,

    Cowboy, using a Cambo SC 1 (2x3) front standard with a Cambo SC 2 (4x5) rear standard requires a tapered bellows. Square bellows, Cambo SF-76, or bag bellows, Cambo SF-322. Neither is inexpensive.

    I've combined an SC 1 front standard with an SC 2 rear standard to be able to shoot 6x12. Few others will have my reasons for not starting from a 4x5 camera, Cambo or other, to shoot 6x12 with movements. Using a 4x5 camera or a dedicated 6x12er to shoot 6x12 is the better approach for nearly everyone.

    You're right, SC 1 bits are very uncommon. All SCs use 1" x 1" square rails and all use the same tripod mounting block.

    For people thinking about square rails for Cambo SCs, the inexpensive alternative to real ones from Cambo is 1"x1" 80/20 t-slotted aluminum extrusion. I buy it via amazon.com. Works well, but it lacks the little locks that save users from inadvertently running a standard off the end of the rail.

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