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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by harold sicks, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. On my last two shoots, my pictures will not download from my Canon 30D. At first I thought it might be the card. I tried a second card and the same thing happened. I can access the pictures while the camera is attached to the computer. They just won't automatically download as they have done in the past. Any suggestions?
  2. Lose the camera connection. Get a card reader. You'll have far fewer problems, and the uploads are faster. There are a lot of threads on this subject...
  3. I usually drag 'n drop from card (in card reader) to HD: faster, more reliable and you know where you put it!
  4. You could try uninstalling and re-installing the Canon software. Otherwise the card reader as recommended above is the simplest solution.
  5. Do you mean that when you plug the USB into the computer you would expect it to automatically recognise the camera and immediately start to download? It is so long since I used EOS utility for that I can't remember its capability - for years now I have used a card reader and either PSE or drag-and-drop with Windows Explorer.
    Can you download with manual intervention through the menu structure?
    It definitely sounds like a software problem - try a reinstall as suggested by Colin.
  6. You can try the preference section that makes the software download the pix automatically , Or your card reader is busted.
  7. Had the same last week. (5DII) After rebooting the pc it all worked again.
  8. Before I got a card reader I would have the same problem. Most of the time I could correct it by turning the camera off, remove the USB from the computer, re-insert the USB, wait 10-15 seconds and switch the camera back on.
    Worked, . . . don't know why, and I know, it makes no sense!
    Now I use a card reader and no problems, . . . yet!
  9. Thank you for the responses! I don't like using a card reader (have had issues with multiple types. I have rebooted (didn't work), tried what Jim said (didn't work) I have downloaded the pictures through the computer seeing the camera. I do have one question about that though, the pictures are brighter and clearer. I shoot all jpeg. I thought it only edited the raw files?
  10. Had this problem also recently - turned out to be the lead socket on the camera - had to send back to canon for repair.

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