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  1. A different or further diptych turns it again. Hello, Bill.
    You might like Phobrain even better Julie, if your head doesn't spin off :) Latest head-turning technology has to do with the sequencing of the now ~20K curated pairs. When you click on the left pic, it associates at least one keyword between one of the current pics and one of the next pair, giving the chance for themes to emerge, sometimes giving the impression of statements or commentary. When you click on the right-hand pic, it mixes in strong, 4-way keyword matches with color-based matches among the pairs that are most weakly connected by keywords, using view time and mouse behavior to select which approach to take, which interactivity I liken to throwing a stone into a pond.
  2. I like how my mind puts together the correspondence between the shadow plant and the real one, as if they are magnets and my neurons are iron filings following the field.

  3. I thought the nurse was saying it about the ward's pictures. Sorry, I must have misread. I'm definitely not judging your photos. And, you aside, does someone calling photos "fine art photos" necessarily mean they think they're good? Maybe it does for many people, but I've certainly seen my share of fine art photos that I thought were pretty bad, again not meant personally about your stuff.

    This brings up a pet peeve of mine, or something like a pet peeve, I guess. It's often assumed that art and fine art are quality judgments. I don't think they are, since I think there's lots of bad art. As a matter of fact, in another thread somewhere, I was talking about hobbyist photographers and someone assumed my referring to them as hobbyists as opposed to artists was a way of putting them down. I had to reassure them that when I use hobbyist it has nothing to do with quality and I think there are many hobbyists who are better and more interesting photographers than many artists.
  4. I thought the nurse was saying it about the ward's pictures.​

    "A nurse saw my photos and said, they are like the photos on the ward - they are all of nothing!"

    does someone calling photos "fine art photos" necessarily mean they think they're good?
    True, they can be fine art and not good. Certainly mine weren't stellar enough for Karp to invite me to give a show - he said he was booked for 3 years or something. But it seemed like he saw what I was shooting for.

    I agree that hobbyists can easily be more interesting than artists, and high school plays and musicals are usually more fun than professional versions for me (small sample size), so I'm going for interest rather than quality, those moments I feel like I'm seeing something completely new.
  5. It could even turn out that interest helps determine quality and quality helps make something interesting.

    A degree of intimacy will often get my attention.

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