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  1. A nurse saw my photos and said, they are like the photos on the ward - they are all of nothing! I believe she meant nothing of personal or collective importance, just decoration. Let's raise an empty glass of toast to something, then erase it with a photo (or two) of nothing. Speaking of nothing, I just made introduce micro delays to simulate awareness of the user experience, and it feels like I accomplished something!

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  2. Slide scanner with no slide
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  3. Very nice examples. I will come back and post something when I get hold of my computer.

    Since these are supposed to be pictures of nothing, what they reflect in the viewer's mind could be very distinct and personal, or they may give rise to a common feeling as well. it may be an interesting excercise to think of one word that comes to mind upon seeing each image.

    For example, Tim's picture brings one word to my mind, optimism.
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  4. Bill Snell

    Bill Snell Bill Snell

  5. For pictures of nothing, the main word that hits me is 'uniqueness', because such photos have to work harder for not having any content. Looking at the photos people have posted, I feel like moments of life are being celebrated for their own sake (though a slide scanner with no slide takes more than a moment in my experience :).

    We have ways of getting the truth (

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  6. Describes most of my photos... Pacific Grove 11_6.jpg
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  7. _IGP9992.JPG
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  8. Found this not only nothing of interest, not even in focus.
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  9. Untitled-520.jpg
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  10. MJF 49 - Trailer.jpg
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  11. Nothing_text.jpg

    Sanford is doing Baldessari!
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  12. I just took a picture of someone else doing Baldessari. Had to look him up.

  13. That's a very Baldessari thing to do. Aside from the dots-over-faces thing he did that is in your picture, he had a project where he wrote up a description of a picture he wanted made, then he hired a local painter to do it for him. In a documentary film I have about Baldessari, years later they went and found that local painter. He too had never heard of (and did not remember being hired by) Baldessari. He too looked him up and said, "He's not bad, but not really my style." He was not impressed.
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  14. Is there a boundary between pure nothing and fabricated nothing? Is fabrication a sort of finding?
  15. Since any picture of nothing is made out of something, I am wondering if there is really any picture that is truly of nothing. Aren't all pictures of nothing fabricated nothing?

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