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  1. I have seen some photographers locally that offer sizes from 4x6 to 8x12. And some that only offer 4x6. I can see some advantages to only offering the 4x6 as you can get away with a lot of cropping on some images. And provide a nice tight shot. But I would imagine that a lot of people may want bigger prints.

    What type of a print size selection do any of you offer your clients? I have my sizes that I offer online; but, I'm just curious to see what others are doing.
  2. I use SmugMug Pro for my clients to order photos. When they order, they are forced to crop the photo during the ordering process if needed. So I offer just about every size available (Check SmugMug for details) and let the client choose and make the crop. I've seen some weird crops, but every time I question the client, they always tell me "that's the way I want it!" so I just leave it be. I've never had a complaint.
  3. Wow, Kenneth. I've never heard of doing that before. Smart idea.
    David, I offer the standard: 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10. Several of my son's friends have wanted 16x20s, so I do that too, but only charge them the cost. I use a D80 (10mp) and only have a 70-300mm lens, so I can't really go much larger than 16x20 on many of my pics after cropping. I have made a couple larger, but the image quality has to be really good.
  4. I offer 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, and usually, a 5x5 and 6x12, ie square and a wide format for images that crop out that way.
    Offering everything has not been recommended by some Pro's as it makes for too many, and in a way, redundant choices.
    As far as cropping, I've read that more than 25% of original image is too much and you start losing resolution. Are you cropping tightly when shooting???
    At 300 mm you may need to use a monopod to capture a bit more sharpness.
  5. I shoot with a D300 and a 80-200mm. I like to crop as I shoot. ie. if I have the zoom to reach a player and I want to shot to be close I will zoom in instead of shooting zoomed out and then cropping in post. This also gives me the advantage of leaving my images there original size. I think the largest my files are 4200x3600 or so. I can't remember...
    Anyway. I currently offer 4x6,5x7,8x10,8x12,10x15 and wallets. Some of the odd sizes are because they won't have to be cropped.
    Kenneth I also use Smugmug Pro. This is why I have kinda been wondering about the sizes. I have so many sizes that I can offer my clients. However, I don't want to offer to many. One reason being If I have to ever crop any I don't want to offer anything to large so that the picture doesn't come out right and I dont want to spend a lot of time changing size options in my gallaries. I set my portfolio sizes and then let it ride....LOL
  6. The advantage of a website such as Smugmug is giving the client the ability to do the cropping themselves. I offer all sizes but it is up to the client to crop outside of the 2:3 ratio. If the image is too tight to alter effectively, they can choose a different size or a different image. They can also email me for a specific need, to which I can customize the image to fit.
  7. SmugMug also notifies your client at check-out if the image is too small in size for the crop they make. Check out the screenshot.
  8. I didn't know this.... Thanks for the info Kenneth. You have given me even more of a reason to offer even bigger prints.
    This is great!
  9. I too use smugmug and would just let the customers pick out what they want. There is a ton of options in there. The fact that they can make the crops themselves I think is a huge advantage.

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