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  1. Happy Mother's Day all! I have to start this post out with that because Maria has our oldest daughter in STL today because she broke a rod in her back. While the girls are having *fun* with that, I'm at home filling my time with the Wichita River Festival. Part of the festival is the 'Kansas Cup' tournament at the Wichita Ice Center, so I caught a few hockey games after church today... Of course, dirty plexiglass is the curse to all hockey shooters, as well as crappy lighting. I tried to kick a little new school, a little old school pairing up the DA* 16-50 f/2.8 and the Tak-A 70-200 f/4. Unfortunately, it was really too dark for f/4, even at ISO 1600. I wasn't really impressed with myself today, but I'll blame the crappyness of my photos on poor light and dirty plex! Most importantly, I had a *little* fun today even though I miss my girls...
  2. OK, that makes one shot from each game. One rink was about a stop brighter than the other, and the darker one had a light out over the far goal. It figures that 2 of the three games were on the darker ice....
  3. Amazing, Javier! Try doing that through plexi-glass in a poorly lit arena ;~) The flower is like a Rube Goldberg pollen-dispensing contraption--but it seems to work! It wasn';t a great week of, or for, shooting for me but I did manage to take a stab shooting with extension tubes--this one, with the 77mm ltd.
  4. Ok, this one has an almost long story behind it. On I-70 somewhere between Warrenton and O'Fallon, MO, there is an old church w/ a sign on it that's always caught my eye. "Historic Village for Sale". HOW do you sell and buy an entire village? Do they expect you to move all the buildings to the location you wish? Turns out it's some buildings in High Hill, MO. I finally learned this because I finally pulled off the interstate and doubled back a little. I will admit to being something of a "fair weather shooter." That is: when it's just me & one little girl, I am NOT inclined to getting out of the car and walking more than 2 feet away (especially when residents of the village have been seen staring at me & my car) and I am not inclined to take any little girls out of the car when I've stopped in the middle of a street. I also don't like shooting when it's raining outside; i'm not as weather sealed as the camera is (and some hubby who shall remain un- named kept the sealed DA* lens for himself).
  5. Frankly, the "historic" buildings looked more interesting from the interstate. Anyway, in this 4 block town, I also found this:
  6. Shooting hockey sure is challenging, and fun trying to be quick on the trigger with so much unpredictable fast action, 'ay, Matt?

    Great pics, Javier!! Shot in JPEG? Which camera/lens?

    Dave, that flower shot is gorgeous!

    Maria, very interesting buildings!
  7. Salmo Trutta ... Caught and released unharmed.
  8. The fly it was caught on...Tied myself thru the instruction of my brother.
  9. And a shot of my son, not Brad Pitt ( "A River Runs Through It"). He just likes to dress that way.
  10. Here's a couple taken today as I dusted off my SMC- PENTAX DA 1:4.5-5.6 50-200mm ED. I don't use this lens very often but I should. It's a fine lens and I'm glad I have it. I just tend to favor the wider end of the scale, sometimes too much I fear.
  11. And these fellows contemplating the trials of life on shore. I had to be fast as the boat was zipping along at a good clip and quickly loosing a fairly good composition.
  12. Bob, I am so envious! All this time I've wasted on photography and I coulda been fishing--DOH! Wooly Buggers are great aren't they?

    Maria, FYI, The eastern end of I-70 is not far from my house--they wanted to put it through our park but we stopped it.
  13. Dave, as you can, you can do both fish and photo.
  14. Dave , Javier

    awesome Photos!

    javier, stop by my thread "trouble shooting people" I took a picture of a Bird just for you....


    "Maria has our oldest daughter in STL today because she broke a rod in her back. While the girls are having *fun* with that"



    Nice shot

    I am not fisherman, I can barely catch a cold but,

    "Caught and released unharmed"

    what about the Hook you caught it with?

  15. I knew there was a reason I never took my camera to hockey games. Must be frustrating to deal with the plexiglass Matthew. Maria, did you find out how much they wanted for the village? lol. Great photos already for this week.. I love that trout.. looks delicious.. oops, maybe I wasn't supposed to be looking at it like that. The sepia shot of your son Bob is wonderful.. Scot .. I love your dreams :) I miss the water here in Scottsdale.. Speaking of which, I decided to exercise the 16-45 a little bit with some street photography.
  16. Javier: I love the bumblebee making a hasty exit! Great shot :) Dave: That's a great photo.. beautiful colors.
  17. The lady with the carriage snuck up on me, and at 1/8th of a sec handheld, it was too much for the SR..
  18. An Old Adobe Mission under renovation here in Old Town Scottsdale. Unlike Maria, I did not have to brave the elements.. lol
  19. At the risk of overloading the thread.. a couple more that I really like
  20. Sorry to everyone, but my favourite shot by far is Dave's flower. I had my doubts about the DoF, but after looking at it for a while I think it actually works very well. Great framing too, Dave.

    Maria, hope your largest little one is recovering well. With a mum like you, I can't imagine how she wouldn't.
  21. Thanks, Mis! I had doubts, too. I'm glad you came to enjoy it.
  22. I've been really busy, and am not likely to get freed up for a few weeks, but here is one shot from a Mother's Day activity at school this week.
    This little girl wept inconsolably as her parents have recently divorced (and she lives with Dad), and this hit home during the Mother's Day ceremony.
    It's because of kids like this that I love making students laugh and have as much fun as possible in the classroom!
  23. Here's a shot from the Tulip Festival in Ottawa. Taken with my K10D - 70-300 Macro Tamron
  24. I went to one of the local ponds to make sure my camera and lens was ok after I dropped it...''ouch'' K10D and Sigma 24-70mm F/2.8....It fell about 4 feet. I think it actually works better now....Anyway Here is another fellow trying out his new camera and giant lens....Seems like every time I go there someone is testing something... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  25. I tried extension tubes too, with a 80-200 zoom - maybe not the best combo. A friend lent me his tripod, and I had the "joy" of watching the whole apparatus pitch over onto some rocks. Ouch! But all gear seems okay. Even with the tripod, the macro pics were mostly junk - it was windier than I thought. A few good ones, though.
  26. And a flower - couldn't get the whole thing in DOF even maxed aperature.
  27. And last - I just love this!
  28. Sunset shots with one flash on a stand. Lake Jacomo, Blue Springs, Missouri.
  29. Great pictures guys. I love the colors. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  30. Great pictures everyone. All of my best photos are the ones that got away whether they were taken through dirty plexi like Mathew's or I was caught off guard like Haig. Having that shot with the lady with the great expression on her face and the dog riding that carriage would have been awesome. One of my favorites is Javier's second shot with the bee flying away. It's a fantastic capture. I really like the color and clarity on Marz's fish. The composition is great too. I have a co-worker whose religion is fly fishing (he also releases them all unharmed) and those photos really capture the romance of the sport the way he describes it to me. I like Scot's 'Dreams...' shot too. Boats don't seem to move fast from the shore until you try to compose them in a shot. Nicely done. Congratulations, Javier on your newfound method to improve the functioning on lenses. I think I'll take your word for it though. I am curious to see the photos your subject is shooting in that pond though. The nose hair on a gnat that's sitting on the nose hair of a duck? I like your flower, Dave. It has a great visual flow with the petals streaming out like a bursting firework. Also some great cropping on both Guy and Nick's flowers. Makes them intriguing pictures. Very moving picture, Garry. Especially with the story behind it. Nick, I also love how fun "Whee!" is. Lastly, I hope the mini-MC2 is well. As for me, it was a windy day here in Florida which is rare and made it kind of a dramatic moody for me. I took a picture of this old farm house amidst an orange grove most likely slated for demolition (both the house and the grove) to make way for housing developments.
  31. And then went down by the lake. Both of these were taken with my "new" 50mm f1.4 lens. This was the first day I played with it and it made a prime user out of me.
  32. Shot a couple of good ones this week, and processed a bunch more from the last couple of weeks.
  33. qwerty
  34. Wow, what great pictures everyone. Morgan I especially like that second shot of the dock. What can I say.. I am a sucker for b&w.
    Gary, that's a very poignant capture
    Cory : All four are awesome, I especially like the light on the last one.
    Nick: That fern frond almost looks like an elephant's trunk.. very neat!
    Javier: Can you give us more details on improving the k10d's functionality? lol. That is one seriously huge lens that guy is toting around..wow.
    This one is for mini-Mc2 .. hope everything turned out alright! [​IMG]
  35. sfwdawe
  36. And again on the other side...
  37. tyhytd
  38. They actually ride these things.
  39. I am just heading off to bed, but I will comment on a few pics (although I think they are all great).

    Morgan: I love the farmhouse shot. It's almost eerie.

    Del: The last shot you posted with the lightning is killer. That would make a great wallpaper in full size.
  40. Del: Great lightning photos, hope the storm didn't come your way!
  41. I live in Kansas now - it comes my way every other day! I seriously have done four separate lightning shoots this week! These two were shot from my front door step.
  42. loving those crazy! bike pictures. :)
  43. Yup, first couple weeks in May are always good for weather pix in Kansas and Oklahoma.

    btw: when the fourm engine says you have to type something, spaces work just fine.

    Time to warm up my street shooting skills for River Fest, Lavay Smith and her Red Hot Skillet Lickers should be a good show on Thursday (we should have hordes of swing dancers), and maybe fireworks after the wedding we are shooting on Saturday... I may have to just make my own River Fest thread! When am I going to find time to mow the lawn, plant flowers, and fix the A/C in the car? Maybe next week...
  44. Keep your priorities straight Matthew.. Photo stuff first.. the rest, ah well, if it's that important somebody will get it done :)
  45. Matthew, I'm looking forward to shooting some of the summer events in Wichita as well, but this is the last week of classes and then finals week next week, and THEN some time for real shooting. Maybe I'll bump into you out there somewhere.
  46. Yup, my brother has finals this week. He had to study for Calc II, so he couldn't go to the hockey games.

    There is another round of games next weekend though...

    I guess it is time to stroll down to the shop floor to pick up some hearing protection. I forgot last year - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy had me deaf for a week!
  47. Ok, I'll post two that I took yesterday - both flower oriented... (me and spring ... name a girl Rose and what do you expect?) :)
  48. Born to be wild on mothers day!
  49. Papa swan was here as well
  50. here's my contibution of a week's photography
    PARTYTIME! preparing for a waterballoon-fight....

    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/Vvl3oY.jpg">

    supposedly art, standing 55 meters tall

    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/jKepGE.jpg">

    to bee up close
    notice the three peculiar spots on its forehead.

    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/NBY26n.jpg">
  51. O Shiva! The Bee close up - now that's amazing... how did you get so close without the bee flying away?
  52. I don't have to study for finals anymore, but I do have to write and grade them!

    The water balloons shot is wonderful. I suspect that it would look astounding in black and white as well.
  53. The "waterballons" is my favorite photo of the week so far, great colors and an unusual subject. Let's see some more despite the slow loading :)
  54. @Rose: I found the bee in my kitchen, just sitting there and seemingly not quite awake. I used a 105 macro 2.8 + a raynox 250 (to get this close).

    And @Del: how could you possibly think of B/W with such a colorful picture?
  55. Markus - LOVE the light in your green forest picture. :)
  56. O Shiva, the bee is great, but I agree with Del Gray that it would look better in...erm...grey. B&W, that is :) There really isn't that much colour, but there *are* many shades of light. But hey, these are just opinions; the photo is awesome either way!
  57. Thanks Rose and thanks to all the commenters of my photos last week as well. I see it more like the "no words" category and will usually not comment on photos but enjoy everything here silently :)
  58. I love the fern shot Nick, and Del, that lightning is amazing. Here are my contributions: [​IMG] [​IMG]
  59. Am I still allowed to post a photo this late? I only got around to processing last week's work yesterday night :)

    Here is something a bit different from me; I hope you guys like it.
    A Natural X-Ray
  60. I guess uploads are 'legal' till saturday.....?
    And your picture is very, very sweet.
  61. "And your picture is very, very sweet."

    Thanks, OS! It must be all those X-rays... ;-)
  62. Mis - I do like it. And I believe it's still a photo of the week until next week's thread starts.
  63. Nice Mis.
  64. Haig - thanks for the pigeon for the minime (or she a minimatt?) Funny enough, while we stopped in St Charles, MO (on the way home on Tue the 13th) she was insistent on chasing the pigeons to take their pictures. This is one of the pigeons she wanted a shot of:
  65. Mis: I hope you were wearing your lead apron when you took that photo!
    Nice one by the way :) <p>
    Maria: That reminds me of a little kid in Venice at the square chasing the pigeons.. they would all take off like some huge wave as he ran right through them.. I was unarmed unfortunately, not even a cell phone camera :-(

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