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Discussion in 'Pentax' started by mountainvisions, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. This week I located some of my mountain biking negatives from the late 1990s (actually I flipped the page in the binder...I'm such a detective) and decided to get to scanning them now that I'm chugging away on the G4050 with Silverfast power! These were shot using a Pentax PZ-1P and a FA28-70 F/4 on Fuji Superia 400.
  2. Following Justin's lead with those very cool action shots, I'll post two (links):

    One from my exile in Las Vegas (perfectly horrible place from my pov)

    and a celebration of spring
  3. Hi! Following in Justin's photo scanning. I scanned this photo using a little paperport scanner a few years ago. http://pug.komkon.org/01feb/alohaflw.html
  4. I like shooting buildings for a couple of reasons...I think a properly built building have allot of character, but more importantly, they serve to teach me composition and metering...I have also found buildings to be very difficult to shoot because one side of it will look crooked, but in reality, I have learned that with many lenses it is a compromise. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Dave..That is a really nice image of the girl in the bus stop...Very cool..What a nice capture..
  6. I have a few pictures that I really enjoyed taking this week. First, because I can't resist giving a cat picture...
  7. Nice pictures everybody! I'm in the middle of tranfering to a new location for work, so I haven't a lot of time to go out and shoot. But I guess I have a few more older shots I've been sorting through lately.
  8. and last...
  9. Sorry, lemme try that again. I suppose I should take the time to master the finner points of posting pics... How do some people get pics larger than 500pix viewable in the post?
  10. Let me chime in on the "wish the was an 'edit' option..."
  11. Just a little tweaking. Spring is finally here! But no flowers up yet.
  12. Thanks, Javier! That was with the Tamron super-zoom, btw.
  13. Katelyn
  14. Michael, she's mega cute! :-D
  15. I love her hair! Well, my offering for the week is comedy. I went into the girl's room friday night & about split a gut right there... had to run back for the camera, stuck the Fong Bong on the FG540 flash, thought I had 3 ruined shots, but had 3 ok shots, and 2 that lit the room like daylight. Did NOT wake any girls up, probably because it was 1:30am.
  16. Here's one from the zoo today I like a lot. Maybe 2 in sequence.
  17. And the next (and better one IMHO)
  18. I'm going to toss this one in for matt, since he's being a sweetie & cooking supper. 3 months straight of shooting saturn at the observatory. Hopefully, the atmosphere will cooperate next time - we might get to see some moons in the pictures, if it's still. The best shots are the slightly underexposed ones...they show the most detail, you can almost see bands of color on the planet
  19. You gotta hate the haze, Maria.

    Hilarious shot of your little one. You just can't make that stuff up.
  20. I'm way too busy to enjoy photography, but I did take some shots with my new mirror lens that arrived during the week. I thought this one was pretty nice for being a test shot through my dirty office window:


    I also posted it on the mirror lens thread, but it's about all I've got, so please forgive the reposting. I promise to post more pics in...May!
  21. Great pics this week! Here's a few I took earlier today...
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  22. The new deck for our house is almost done. It's only taken the contractor 18 months (it's very hard to get things done these days, like most places I suppose) but it's going to be worth it. The wood is Western Red Cedar, milled just north of here and cut to size, mostly in my work shop. That's sand etched glass with frolicking Orcas. It looks quite spectacular at night with the lights on so I tried to get a few shots. This is the best. I want to try a few more but will have to get on a step ladder to get a more "level" shot (the house is on a hill). Taken with my K10D, 16-45mm at 16mm, ISO 400, 0.3 sec. F4.0
  23. Scott
    I don't know what is nicer...Your Image or your new deck...Nice!!
  24. Everybody seems really excited by the onset of spring, and I feel that way too. BUT, we are having fairly weird weather here in Taiwan. It looks like Fall everywhere. Trees are dropping their leaves and flowers are drooping. We have not actually had any cold weather - the coldest was about 15 degrees Celsius, which is warmer than we usually do. Here is a shot of a droopy flower.
  25. Here's a shot taken over the front of my bike at a traffic light.
  26. Uh, forgot the pic.
  27. Great shots everyone...
    Javier could you post some bigger ones?
    Just kidding.
    It would be great if they all showed up without hving to click the links. Javier posted a great tutorial not that long ago on this subject.
    I'll put a few more up from yesterdays scan. I have another roll scanning right now.
  28. Yeah Javier, what's up with those thumbnails you're posting? ;-p
  29. LOL, Actually, I was just looking at those images on my work computer and thought to myself....GEE, Hope nobody is on 56k...wE need an edit button...we need an edit button, we need and edit button...

    Sorry, folks, I will post smaller images next time...We also need smiley's...Right now I would be using a blushing one...
  30. Justin, those scans look terrif. I am eyeing a couple of my film bodies right now, in anticipation....
  31. BTW I also have favored Fuji Superia Xtra 400 or 800 ISO for action shots. Very good high speed film.
  32. Thanks Mike.

    After I catch up on 10 years of film scanning, I will probably break out some of the 20 rolls of provia in the freezer!!!

    I'm doubtful I'd ever shoot action with film again, just too much cost and effort.
  33. Some great shots this week everyone. The weather was nice enough this weekend to get out and take a hike in the woods. Took my "walkaround" Sigma 50-500 that I just got. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  34. Maria, I do think you won 'cutest shot of the week'. Miserere's had his answer on what Matt looks like too. Yes, there appears to be the beginning of a gnome beard. :)

    He sure does seem a lot bigger than 3 inches in that photo though. (But maybe Gnomes grow when they're lying down?)
  35. *ist D 50mm f2 A Lens Newport Beach California [​IMG]center>
  36. Peter wrote: "Took my "walkaround" Sigma 50-500 that I just got."

    LOL! How's the neck? ;-)
  37. Randy, great shot! I especially like the alien looking out through the window on the left.
  38. High Folks....With all the Obama / PAstor Whrite / Hate America rhetoric, I thought I would post up the good ole USA flag.... By the way, It is as it came out of the camera K20D...I still have not really used it much. [​IMG]
    By jgredline
  39. I was practicing with a plastic bottle and water....
  40. oh well....
  41. .....
  42. Sorry for the late response Miserere, I just got back from the chiropractor. That was a bit of a joke although it really is a heck of a walkaround lens since the FL is so huge. I like the lens and added a larger shoulder strap to it for longer walks.
    So the mirror lens you got. A 500mm Adaptall? I just sold mine to pay for the Bigma. Good lens and pretty sharp. That's a good picture especially since it was shot through a window.

    Love the shot Randy, nice mood.
  43. O Shiva, you need to add a caption for it to be displayed inline.

    It's a cool pic, but would benefit from having the water far from the wall and using a flash off-camera so we don't see the shadow on the wall.
  44. unfortunately there's no undo function
    now i"m afraid to try again......;)

  45. <imgsrc="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/xHYLi5.jpg">
  46. last try, then cry

  47. when I type
    as advised it don't show at all (under html).

    neither did my direct upload at 100 kb and 510 pixel
  48. o: there should be a space between 'img' and 'src'.
    HTML IMG tag
  49. O Shiva....
    Try this :) http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=00OVGC
  50. Hey Peter, I knew you were joking...but maybe you weren't and that's why you were at the chiropractor... ;-)

    The mirror lens is the Sigma 400mm f/5.6 in K mount. I can't wait for all my deadlines to be over in mid-April so I can start contributing some nice pics to the weekly thread. There really is anything that interesting outside my office window :)

    Of course, I meant to say that there really *ISN'T* anything that interesting outside my office window.
  52. <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/xHYLi5.jpg">

  53. pffff....
    By the way this is done by squeezing a plastic bottle, that's filled with water.
  54. Mis
    I know what you mean....We need an edit button. I think faster than I type.

    O Shivra,,,,gREAT image.
  55. Justin...If not for you I would not have these and hundreds of other photos... These are on slides and thanks to silverfast, I have them... The first is at my Wifes senior high school prom...My wife and I have been together since we were both in Jr High School...I graduated in 1983, so this is 1985...The second picture was 1991 as I had just won the regional race in Las Vegas...I will post more as I get a chance to scan them.... [​IMG] [​IMG]
  56. Adam is now just showing off both his photography and HTML skills.

    Nice plane!
  57. Well, I guess I'll try to see if I can do this from Photobucket. [​IMG] Incidently, Justin, your scanner is doing a great job! I think I'll have to invest in one of those next! I have 20 or so years of film negatives sitting here...would sure be nice to have them on my harddrive for my digital scrapbooking! The picture is of the Bradford Pears that are always the first to do anything in Oklahoma. Where everything else is still pretty much brown, these trees give great color almost year round. Too bad they aren't the sturdiest of trees. We lost several of them here in our town during "Ice Storm 2007" (as the local news called it). If this doesn't work, I guess I need further instruction on posting from Photobucket. Lisa PS-Javier, you'll be pleased to know that my histogram showed a bell-shaped curve, but there was some spiking to the right...I'm guessing because of all the white blossoms?
  58. [​IMG] Forgot to select HTML...duh
  59. o shiva, Randy - those are great! images. I like the others too, but the water blasting out, wow. How do you time it?
  60. Alisa. That is a really nice image...Great Histogram. Try adding about 5-10% saturation and see it come to life..Nice job :)
  61. Here are a few more ducks I shot today.... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  62. Javier, your pictures have such great color! I pushed the saturation up to 25 in CS3 but it still doesn't show a lot of color. I didn't want to go oveboard! I really like your building pictures too. Your wife is beautiful! You guys have been together nearly as long as my husband and I! Way to go!

    Peter, I am SO JEALOUS of your "walk-around" lens! What gorgeous pictures! I hope those come down in price in the next year or two (not holding my breath...)

  63. Alisa. Thank you!...My wife and I have only ever known each other and it is very precious to us...She is my everything...We literally both grew up as kids to adults together...WELL, Atleat one grew up to be an adult. Hopefully, I will grow up one day...But I digress... I hope you don't mind...I downloaded your image and this is exactly what I did...CS2...Sat + 25 (you where going in the right direction) + 11 in the Red Channel and + 11 in the blue channel...Sharpened edges only and cloned out the side walk...All done in less than 5 minutes...The composition of your image is very good and because your histogram was really good, the image has lots of flexibility... [​IMG]
    By jgredline
  64. Javier, I don't mind at all! I only wish Oklahoma looked like that right now! LOL! Oh well...soon. Everything's starting to bloom...won't be too much longer! Do you ever adjust the saturation settings in camera as opposed to making your adjustments in Photoshop?

    Adam, that pricetag picture cracks me up everytime I scroll past it!
  65. alisa - nice pears. what part of OK? We're kansas who've gone to claiming to be Okies.
    Well, ok, that's just me. 25 years in KS, and the hubby still won't claim anything but MI as
    home. Elitist yankee. ;-D

    We don't have our Bradford Pears doing anything up here yet. By late april the white pears
    and something that leafs out purple will be out together, and when they're side by side,
    it's beautiful! Can't wait. I'll have to stop for a pic this year, so somebody can identify the
    purple tree for me. I'm very tempted to go down our fence line on the long side (90+ft)
    and alternate bradford pears & the purple things - but I'd be cleaning up massive amounts
    of pear limbs everytime ice or wind came through.
  66. Alisa...Alot depends on the time of day the image is taken in. I try to shot early in the morning or late in the evening. When the sun is beating down over head, it is very difficult to get Rich colors because the suns rays wash out the colors. Now in looking at your exif data, I see your running the K100D. Do you have it in bright mode or natural mode? I always have my K100D set in Bright mode. I also have it set +2 sharpness. The sharpness helps bring out the color. Now I also go -1 saturation because the camera in bright mode and +2 sharpness will tend to over saturate the image...Worst case, it will be under saturated in which case I can put it back in during PP, But it is hard to take out saturation in PP with out loosing detail...Now I would say that 90% of the time, my images are ready to right from the camera...The exception really being when I shoot in really dark or really bright conditions....For blue skys, shoot early morning or late evenings...I hope this helps.. :)
  67. Here is a picture I took of my son ''accidently'' stepping in the mud... No PP work done other than a resize. [​IMG]
    By jgredline

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