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  1. Well, ok, I'll admit it's saturday in KS, but it's Sunday SOMEWHERE already, so I'm going w/ that start time. (Taiwan, anybody?) Well, I'm a couple hours away from having no internet access for a few days (stupid hospital...can't keep up w/ the world...) so I want to get this out before I have to focus on getting real work done. I know you've all seen stuff from these weddings before, but since I'm finally getting to do some PP work, I figure it still counts! This one first, since matt FINALLY got around to showing me how to do this. Goober.
  2. Whoops! Sorry I forgot to put these on line first. Oh well. This one I was just goofing around liked the way the roses (bright red, btw) looked like black velvet
  3. Last one. I think this is going to turn out to be one of my favorites. I'm still trying to decide what other effects to try w/ it - just to see.. Very glad I turned it b&w (w/ either a yellow or green filter, I forget which). This is the same bride as above, on her way to change out of this dress & into a traditional Vietnamese wedding dress.
  4. Those are great, Maria! I like the "first try" a lot. That effect can easily be overdone but I think yours is a nice application of it. Do you use filters on the lens, or later? The first seems a premature commitment to black and white, although I suppose film "old hands" are used to it. I bought a whole bunch of color filters on clearance right before I bought my DSLR, and have never used them. All I've got this week are flowers and photos of my kids. (Rarely do I post anything else, I know). And lately there's been some general disdain for flower shots... so here's me and Eliza, playing with an off camera flash cord I picked up as a side benefit in an auction. I have no idea what I am doing. But these were kind of fun.
  5. Trying for an effect, and getting more than I bargained for:
  6. And lastly... of course SHE had to hold it for a while.
  7. Nick, other than a UV filter (or the "star" for candles, etc), the only filters I've ever used on a lens was a red filter for b&w
    film, but not for any of these shots. Anymore, any b&w seen from me is all in Aperture or Photoshop. The top pic is a
    color layer under a b&w layer & parts of the b&w layer erases, all in Photoshop. The 2nd 2 were both done in Aperture,
    because aperture has a super easy control for that. Monochrome filter: red (or yellow, orange, green, or blue, or even
    custom). Or if I'm feeling lazy, I can just desaturate, but I'm liking the filters. Gives the same look as popping one of those
    on a camera loaded w/ b&w film.
  8. WOW, I was waiting till at least midnight.
    I'm gone all day tomorrow to Vermont, a 15 mile hike is planned so it's now or never.
    First quintessential rural Vermont (um, isn't all of Vermont rural??)...I've been spending a lot of time hiking there because 1) I haven't hiked there much 2) my car is designed for that type of driving (curvy winding mountain roads, and the XX miles of dirt roads we cut through on a typical weekend as shown in the photo) 3) VT gas is about 20 cents cheaper than NY which means nothing other than it's a bonus since I was headed there anyway.
    Next Hurricane Mountain from a 2 day backpack a few weekends ago. We did this and the Nundagao Ridge over two days, a nice moderate weekend with some excellent views and hiking. This one needs a bit more burning in the clouds but almost a finished product.
    And finally a family portrait on the Nundagao Ridge taken with the K20D, and if you look at my hand, it's that pesky little $3 Amazon "Remote C" that arrived at my door back in February for $8 shipped. It definitely needs a new battery, and I need to work on hiding it better but it sure beats getting up 5 times till we get everyones eyes open!!! I used what my brother calls a "ghetto" Pentax flash diffuser and balance for the background. The "ghetto" diffuser is a cut in half film cannister (maybe that is where my 3rd cannister was for so long). My brother claims Canikon probably has something specially made for the camera while Pentax users have to resort to this sort of ghetto looking thing.
  9. Yeah! It is now nearly Sunday midday in Taiwan, and I was getting ready to post as I need to go play rugby in a few hours time.
    Maria - black velvet indeed! I love the look!
    Nick, the "Best of em" is really nice and natural. Off camera flash rocks.
    Justin, Hurricane mountain looks really good. I would love to see that large. The clouds as they are seem nice and detailed to me.
    Ok, so here are some from me. Fortunately the Typhoon only rolled in on Thursday, so I have stuff from earlier in the week to post.
    My first is an attempt at an O Shiva kind of feel. Just seemed right for this wooden abstract:
    The second is a 2:1 macro of grass seeds:
    And the third is of course two colleagues clowning around in my office, I love that they love the camera!
  10. Garry - Love that abstract. I'm a sucker for textural abstracts and the processing on that one makes it shine.
    I have a tough time shooting strangers so I spent this past week making a real effort to get out on the streets and shoot people. I definitely had a lot of deletes, but I think these worked out pretty well.
    Turning the corner
    Don't get around much anymore
  11. Travis, those people street shots are great! You have captured a great perspective/emotion with each one.
  12. Maria, Great PP work especially the first...
    Nick, That first image is a winner...Beautiful kid!!!!!
    Justin, You need to post up something bad to show us your human :) .....
    Garry, Love the black and white, I love the grain :)
    Travis, You nailed it with the street photography...Those are my fav types of images...

    Nice work all..Can't wait to see what else crops up...
  13. Today was the first day in a while that I was able to get out and shoot and it was only because my Son was bugging me to go out...I have been to busy having to work so I have not had time to go out and shoot..., but once he grabbed his camera and gave me that smile and lets go dad, I could not resist, hence I called in sick today......and my wife gave me the day off....While I took a bunch of pics today (mostly film) I enjoyed shooting candids of my son...Well except for the one where he is on the bench making goofy faces..... [​IMG] - [​IMG] - [​IMG] - [​IMG]
  14. Since I got a nearly mint *istD this week I can send my K10D finally for repair of the card slot. So expect some true retro style TTL flashback photos next week, I'm already experimenting with my Metz, Braun's and Pentax TTL flashes :)
  15. A little window shopping in the old city part of Zurich with my "new" Pentax *istD body.
  16. the first one with the Pentax *istD and the Pentax A-24mm F 2.8
  17. goodbye poor little K10D - hope to see you soon in good shape :) Pentax A-50mm macro & Olympus a-macro close-up lens
  18. I hope everyone will forgive me for not commenting, but I am in Vegas for a few days, and will be travelling for the next month or so. I have a couple of photos from last week, and if I get anything good I'll try and post it. I hate typing on the tiny laptop keyboard.
  19. I have never seen so many bees on a single flower. At one point there were 6 on there all jostling for position..
  20. Neighbor's patio .. wind chimes maybe?
  21. Maria, the wedding shots are great, especially the last one. Javier nice to see a budding photographer in the making. Haig, I can't believe the bee shot, and all in focus. The wind chime shot is my fav. I decided to include some BW this week. I wasn't happy with the focus in the second pic. It is a part of a flower (bird-in-paradise), I wanted the focus at the base and thought I had it but I must have moved slightly. The shot of the old house, well, I just liked the way it came out.
  22. Bird-in-paradise
  23. an old house (or something)
  24. I love that first pic, Maria. Great treatment. This past week, our city played host to the Canadian and Chinese-Taipei national junior baseball teams. They played three games each against each other and a local allstar team as a warm up for the world championships that start this week in Edmonton. It's also a warm up for us too. We host the next Worlds in 2010. I volunteered to help out and took a couple of days off work. I was assigned to take some photos. The four days kept my shutter finger busy as I snapped approximately 2,200 photos. Here are a few of my favourites. First is Carter Bell fielding a groundball at short. [​IMG]
  25. Brett Lawrie was the featured player from Team Canada. He was drafted 16th overall by the Milwaukee Brewers. I believe that it is the highest that a Canadian position player has been selected in the draft. He didn't disappoint. He blasted a home run in each game and put on some incredible shows in batting practice. Here's a shot after his first home run. [​IMG]
  26. Here's a bit of a different angle of the batter and catcher. [​IMG]
  27. Nice stuff folks. Here's my attempt, it's family reunion time.
    I don't like the distraction of the tree and window in the background of the first photo, but sometimes the mood dictates when you must snap the shutter.
  28. And another
  29. Oh man, this pow makes me think it's ok to get up early on a Sunday just to admire everyone's work - (and learn a few things on the side)! Absolutely wonderful pictures everyone! Slim pickin's for me this week as work has reared its ugly head... found this on the side of my house.
  30. I just checked my SD photos on it. Don't think I've spent a week with ZERO photos since I got the K10D almost a year ago. I have taken some shots, with my SuperProgram that I'm carrying nearly everywhere, but you'll have to wait until they get developed.

    Maria: I do like the bride in the hallway, very much.

    Nick: That first pic is TOO CUTE!

    Justin: Tell Caney to smile for the family photos. What's wrong with him? Or is he one of those "I don't smile in photos" people? I like the B&W, great rock textures.

    Garry: Still hating you, and you're not helping. Please, post a photo of ONE ugly colleague. There must be at least ONE! C'mon...there has to be...

    Travis: Your first street shot is great, brick textures, shadows, a few people thrown in for good measure. Yeah, I like it.

    Javier: I'm looking at California state law to find out if I can be adopted by two parents. You gotta start posting some of your son's photos.

    Markus: Fine photos, as always. But strangely enough, this week my favourite is in colour! I like the table :) (although that fly is impressive) I hope your K10D returns soon with a new lease on life.

    Haig: Love the busy bees shot!

    Robert: The olf building has a nice "old" feel to it; it would have been even stronger if you'd made it sepia, instead of B&W. I suppose you added the glow in postproduction, right?

    Patrick: I guess you didn't get the memo that Pentax digitals cannot be used for sports photography, right? ;-) The last shot is very impressive, both for the point-of-view and the timing of the shot. I bet Justin will like it.

    Dave: I laughed at "I didn't do it". That kid's face says "you bet I did it, and I enjoyed it!" :-D

    Doug: Any wasps to go with the nest? I woke up at 8:00 after a crappy night's sleep, so I second your comment.
  31. Markus... I really like that bathtub picture. Great lighting and wonderful tones in the black and white conversion. You obviously have your *istD very well tuned. May I ask, what was the lens you used?<p>
    The picture immediately reminded me of some of the large format work of Edward Weston.
  32. Patrick, the Batter and Catcher shot is great, I like the different take on the moment, and perfectly timed. Haig, those bees are incredible! And Markus, you always produce remarkable images, even of everyday type objects. Javier - What lens does he have on there? It's huge! (My daughter loves "Zoo Lenses" but not old enough to trust with one out and about). Garry, the abstract is neat and the grass seeds, wow - I like the gentle curve, and how you have it all in focus. Travis, the boys on the bike is neat, hard to get that blur effect just so. Robert - I am not sure the first two work for me in BW, but the old house is lovely. I'm glad I get to learn from you all!
  33. Hi, I just learned about the weekly thread (thanks Garry). I made this picture of the Chilean desert two nights ago on full moon. The version in the "moonscape" thread is directly form SD-card, this one is gimped a bit with contrast curves and sharpness.
  34. This is a panorama stitch of three, basically turning around from where I took the previous one, now looking at the telescopes of the Paranal observatory.
  35. Thomas, would you happen to know a guy called Manuel Torres..?

    Love the 2nd shot, by the way! :)
  36. Maria - I like the first flower shot. I'm nowhere near able to do that in PP. Nick - charming children; capturing their antics is always fun. Justin - I'm sure we will see some spectacular shots from your latest expedition. Garry - I like the macro shots. The more I see of them here, the more I need to get the right lens. Is your rugby mostly among the expats? At 6'8" you should make quite an impression. Travis - the last shot is excellent. Comfort trumps fashion in old age. Javier - it is interesting to see what the youngsters think is interesting. And, they will not have any trouble with the concept of processing on a computer. Is he still willing to be called 'cute'? Markus - I think Paul Klee would have also loved your first photo. The bathroom shot is excellent. Interesting that there is a market there for such older designs. Haig - the pots / chimes are interesting and likely fit in very well with the decor of the house. Nicely done. Robert - the old building is both interesting and disturbing. Like the last image before one wakes from a bad dream. Patrick - I'm envious of those capable of capturing an action at its peak. Dave - you'll treasure these for many years. Nice contrast of the ages. Doug - nice shot, you captured the texture well. Here are a couple shots from the Columbus OH zoo. I also posted one as "Hogs" in No Words. The bright light and glass conspire to make it difficult for my amateur efforts.
  37. Flat against the glass. Obviously a student of humans.
  38. Hi Mis,

    he's engineer up here. I have most contact with instrumentation and optical engineers, and since he's in the maintenance group I don't see him frequently, however. Right now he's not on turno.
  39. Thomas - those shots are spectacular. Thanks for sharing them.
  40. loving all the shares here and some that stood out to me so far are Maria's shots and Thomas's shots. As for me I am part of the Mis. Mei 'zero photo' club for the week (though the day is not over yet). I do have some p&s photos from the week but they are just from me sitting in freeway traffic jams on the way home from work trying to snap photos of planes through my sunroof as they descend overhead to land at John Wayne airport in Orange County. It's always the times I don't have the camera ready that they are close enough to make it interesting and then when I am ready they are a little too distant.. One of these days!
  41. Markus - great fly macro! It's really crisp!<br>
    Haig - are you playing a tournament? I wish I could find a flower like that, bees are one of the insects that just won't
    cooperate with the 3cm working distance of my homemade macro! That flower looks like it would keep them busy!
    Love the wind chimes too!<br>
    Robert, the third pic is really stunning. The detail is all there as you look at it, and the mood is really great!<br>
    Patrick - nice shots! Pity you didn't post any of my team - Chinese Taipei! I like the third shot, in particular because
    you caught the ball on the bat! Talk about timing. Just a pity that the batter's head is cut off, but still really good!<br>
    Dave - The Young definitely has a carefree feel, very good capture.<br>
    Doug - use a telephoto!<br>
    Mis - Waar is jou prentjies? Kom kom boet, ja nee, jy moet nou lekker wees. Ek wil prentjies sien!<br>
    Bruce - the curious bird has great character. And yes, the rugby is mainly with expats, and it is of the easy old
    man's variety! Still lots of fun. Really sore now, need at least three days to recuperate!<br>
    Thomas - great to see your shots here! Still can't get over the amazing sky!
  42. Todd, nice touch blurring the plate number of the car ahead! Or is that accidental?
  43. Maria, the more often I open this thread and scroll down to the end, the more appreciation I have for your third shot. It really is great! Hope all is well with the hospital visit you mentioned? I spend too much time in those horrible places of "healing" with my daughter too!
  44. yeah i blurred it while I was cropping it.. I guess I didn't need to but thought it was a good thing to do in general principle.. I really like Maria's shots too.. Your talk of hospitals reminded me of some other p&s's we took this week.. our freshly adopted daughter had some eye surgery to try and help improve her vision.. Now she has some nice sunglasses!
  45. Wow - Todd, poignant. My heart goes out to the little one! But Hope is what it is all about!!
  46. Where do I start? Maria, your first shot is amazing, I only wish it was my work! Outstanding. Nick cute shots of Eliza. Justin, nice work as always. Garry, love the macro of the grass seeds - that's a really interesting shot. Travis, capturing the motion in the bike shot is excellent work. Javier, those are great proud father shots - I'm very impressed with how comfortable your son is handling an slr. Markus terrific B/W "bath" photo. Haig, impressive "bee" shot. My daughter is amazed by it. Robert, very interesting B/W shots. Wow Patrick, superb sports shots - go Canucks! Dave, the second shot is my favorite of the two. Nice capture. Thomas, all that detail and super sharp too. Kudos. Bruce, "Awwww" is really great capture but the curious bird is personality plus. Todd, hope the little one heals quickly, thanks for sharing such a touching image. Here are a few from this weekend, I'll start with 2 shots from the DA 50-200mm:
  47. Here's what happens when girls play dress up with their horses...
  48. Here's a shot from the DA 18-55mm taken on nearby Lester's farm....
  49. alrighty then: i'm back from mexico and i've got to narrow 300+ photos down to my favorite 3 to post here.... here's three OF my favorites, anyway...
    no one's listening to dad...
  50. Adam,

    They're 3 of my favorites too!

    BTW Garry, your first shot left my jaw dropping close to the floor... just awesome.
  51. Outstanding work by everyone. Submitting a couple of shots from a baseball game last week, both with a Quantaray 70-300 Katie [​IMG] He's Out [​IMG]
  52. Duane - the barrel racing shot is a great action shot!<br>
    Adam - back from Mexico! Wow, you're going to have to post a separate thread featuring your trip! Wanna see more! I like the 3 you have posted so far!<br>
    Doug - thanks Doug. That first shot was a little bland straight out of the camera, and as I was post processing, I thought of O Shiva's work, and well, after a fun time of play, this is what it ended up to be!<br>
    John - nice and crisp shot of Katie. The colors and composition on the second are great.
  53. Wow, I do love so many this week! Enough to feel overwhelmed and outclassed. Maria: The "first try" is really well done. Tasteful, and doesn't look like you went overboard. Top! Paw took my oldest out for fishing today (and left his brand-spanking new K20D still in the box at home), so I joined them later. Sid loved it all, and even managed to catch a decent-sized crayfish.
  54. boldly go where no mohawk has gone before
  55. water strider
  56. All with the Sigma 70-300 APO
  57. Here is my first portrait session with my new 50mm f/1.4. So far I like it, but I think some pictures should be more crisp at 2.8. What settings would you have used for this shot?
  58. Sorry, here is the picture. By the way, this was my first attempt at RAW. Where should I go to learn about editing RAW files?
  59. Ok, just one macro flower (kind of) shot this week. Those just always seem to be my best shots. There are two shots of my son that I like although it is easy to be biased when it is your own kid.
  60. Here is my son Tyce after a long hard day of being a two year old on a camping trip.
  61. And here is the result of the cleanup.
  62. Gotta say, nice to see some more Pentax sports shooters out there.

    Outstanding work.

    Glad to see that this whole theory you need 10fps and 1000mm 2.8s is being debunked with great work like above.
  63. Another one for Gary... [​IMG] Andrew... the dandelion is great! And imagine... even Pentax can sports.
  64. Andrew: You might be biased, but I'm not. "One dirty little bird" is as great a portrait as they come; seriously, superb work, maybe only surpassed by your sons capacity to rub half the dirt in the woods onto his face.
  65. This thread is growing! I LOVE it!

    Maria: I can't wait to see what you do with the third shot...I like it already! That second one is really cool though...first is super too!

    Nick: What a cutie you've got there! First is definitely a winner! Such an exuberant smile!

    Justin: first shot is simply stunning, but my favorite is the last...I really like people shots! Good to see your sweetie's foot recovered and so nice to see Caney!

    Garry, your first shot is pretty cool, but I'm very partial to the second! I love how you captured the light and shadows on those seeds! Good job!

    Travis, I like all of them, but the last one definitely caused more of an emotional reaction from me.

    Javier: Your son is SOOOO cute! I love the intent expression on his face as he searches for his shot! My fav of the bunch for sure!

    Markus: First shot is my dream bathroom! Nice! But your fly shot is WAY COOL! Such great contrast in that shot! Lots of juxtaposition all the way around!

    Haig, love those jugs or windchimes or whatever! Good angle on that shot! Have you considered a b/w version? (I know Mis would like that! LOL!)

    Robert: All of these shots are very well done, but I definitely LOVE the old house (or something)...WOW! VERY COOL! I l ike the PP...hope you frame this one!

    Patrick, great job on all your shots, but that last one where he's about to hit the ball...great capture! Love it! Lots of intensity in that shot!

    Dave, I like both the photos...and I couldn't agree more...sometimes the mood and the "moment" is the most important thing to capture. Had you taken time to compose the first one, you might have lost it!

    Doug, sorry that work has gotten in the way this week! LOL! Isn't that just the way sometimes? Not only do I like the one you got, the title of it was so appropriate! Really brought a smile to my face...thanks!

    Mis: I miss your pictures, dude! 'Nuf said...

    Thomas: What an honor to have you back after all these years! I've already commented on your photos, but I'll say it again...LOVE the twinkling stars in the sky on the first one! And thanks for taking the time to share your expertise with us on the other thread! Hope you'll post more often!

    Bruce, that sleeping koala is too cute, but I love the parrot too!

    Todd: "It's always the times I don't have the camera ready that they are close enough to make it interesting "...isn't that just the way! Enough to drive ya nuts! I still like your shot anyways! I imagine it's kind of hard to drive and compose photos at the same time! LOL! Good job! HOWEVER, your second shot is absolutely precious, particularly with the accompanying story! I hope you will continue to share the journey of your newest member of your family! Know that you are my hero!

    Duane, I love the Maria and Jose Barrel Racing photo! Well, I love them all, but particularly that one! We used to do that around here and I miss it! My kiddos outgrew horses and I went back to work, so that hobby has been replaced by photography! Fortunately, our horses went to friends, so we still get to keep up with them! But seeing horses makes my heart kinda ache!

    Adam, I absolutely CRACKED UP looking at the photo and reading the title of the first one! I'm assuming that's your mom to the funny! Love it! Great lighting on that one too!

    John, I love everything about the second one...color, capture, etc. But I think the first one of Katie is cool because of the reflection in her sunglasses, plus her beautiful smile! Good job!

    Abe, those are fun pictures! I got the biggest kick out of the second though, along with the accompanying title! Good color on that one, too!

    Dan, I really love that family photo and the whole scene reflected into the water. It's hard to analyze your camera settings and the affect they had on your picture because of the size of the picture. When you post to pnet from your computer, it compresses your photo and resizes it, so if possible, post it to another source like Photobucket or Flickr so we can get a better sense of what's going on. I would definitely correct the lines by straighening the whole thing...makes me feel like they're going to slide off the frame to the right! That's a great scene! Stretching them out in a long line emphasizes the number members in the family, but I think I would have tried some different groupings at different levels as well. (Maybe you did). Also, it looks like everyone in this shot is wearing light blue. Are they? You might need to do some white balance correction as well. RAW is really cool for this. If you don't already own any Scott Kelby books, go to your store and get one right now! LOL! He is truly an excellent instructor and so funny! The book I have is called "The Adobe Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers". I'm assuming here you have Photoshop...

    Andrew: That puffball up close is AMAZING! Everything about it is superb! But, like Mis, the shots of your son really steal the I said, I really like people shots! What a sweetie! Those little feet...just wanna kiss 'em!

    OK, if I've missed anyone after Andrew, it's because this took so long to type!

  66. Andrew, are you sure that is a puffball and not an old fireworks shot left over from the 4th of July? That lighting is fantastic.
  67. Very outstanding pictures everyone, I can only comment on a few due to time and heavy work on Monday. I love Maria's shots a lot, and I hope you pass all those pictures back to the bride & groom and they will be grateful to you for the rest of their love journey.

    And I love Haig's bee shots, I almost want to disturb the bees and ask them to take a hike so that I can smell and taste the flower.

    And Adam's vacation shots are outstanding to say the least.

    Andrew's macro in first shot is so dreamy and it catches my attention quickly

    I love Markus "Have a Seat" and b&w bath tub picture, outstanding color and b&w.

    Patrick's & John have outstanding pictures in baseball game and you two, Justin and others have made me to believe sports with Pentax is feasible.

    Thanks to Todd for bringing us a photo of 'Hope' and I will just remember her in my prayer.

    I like Duane's pictures with the horse riding and the shots freezes the moment perfectly with the motion.

    Abe has a great time in outing that I can share in the pictures.

    And Thomas has a very intriguing panaorma shot, thanks for sharing.
  68. Those are all great! Makes mine look terrible

    Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge
  69. I only have a shot to share during a visit to Points Lobo state park in Monterey of California. This park is right along the coast with beautiful scenery but the recent wild fire in Northern California has covered the blue sky with ashes from the burning. I used K10D and Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 when I see the small critter along the hiking path

  70. Oh John, I disagree, I like your shot very much! I had the hardest time choosing three. I liked the shots I took of our weekend trip to Devil's Den Arkansas for different reasons. Some made me smile, some I was happy just to get the shot, others I liked for here goes. For obvious reasons, I really love this shot...the green shirt and green surroundings is a lot of green, but my little guy is just about as cute as they come. Here he is with his headlight on while he waits for his turn to explore the crevasses with his dad and sister. Note his dad disappearing into the shelf just behind him to the right... [​IMG]
    Next comes the one of all of them on the bridge across from the Twin Falls (which are not exactly falls right now)... [​IMG]
    And finally is a shot of the landscape. I really wanted to take a picture of a winding road without any signs, wires, etc. It needed the S-curve to it with a sense of vastness to it, so as we were heading from Arkansas towards Tahlequa, Oklahoma, I saw this great picture. My husband drove a little further and then stopped the car so I could shoot back on it, which allowed me to get the hills in the background...I really love this one. [​IMG]
    I blogged the entire event here if you're interested in reading about it...we had a great time! I even got some great shots of some hummingbirds! ( Lisa
  71. Lisa, I really enjoyed your blog and the Music blessed me at a time I needed it. Thank you...and you are blessed indeed with your family...I love the winding path..I actually have a collection going of various paths and certainly, that is one I would have used as well...
  72. Ok, I'm going to pause on proofbooks to goof off for a second. First, aaawww, ya'll are really bringing me up w/ the
    comments on my pics. I appreciate it very very much.

    Second, because the list is so big, I want to say I'm really enjoying the pics. However, Markus' window shopping
    bathroom, the claypots, Robert's Old Building, and the Chiliean desert are in the WOW category this week. The pics w/
    kids, especially Nick's and Andrews had me rolling from laughing. The baseball game is wow worthy.

    And eye surgery - aaawwwwwww.. that made me hurt! (PS, this hospital visit is my grandma getting admitted for fever.
    Right now they're trying to figure out what's going on in her lungs - not an infection - and why she isn't absorbing iron.
    So, really, especially given the congestive heart failure admit from last month, I think it's going well). Our oldest & I will
    be in for oral surgery week after next, in Alisa's neck of the woods.

    AND finally.... ALISA.... double family road trip!!!!! The Tahlihina Drive from OK to AR in November. I think the 2nd
    weekend is the best. As close to New England fall foliage as we're going to get in these parts, and we'll be driving
    literally along the mountain tops! Whatcha think??? We've been threatening & trying to do this for 7 years now and still
    haven't pulled it off. Is this the year?????
  73. Thanks, Garry., Alisa and Hin Man. Wow another terrific assortment of new photo posts since yesterday. Outstanding! Nice shot John - very calming image - I like it. Hin Man - what is the little critter? I've never seen anything like it. Cool! Andrew - spectacular B/W - the eyes say it all. John - great sports shots. Adam - 3 great images but the 3rd is amazing. Abe - the shirt does say it all! Nice capture for both of you. Alisa - the road image takes one on a journey. Also, great blog with a wonderful assortment of family photos. Today I was in my local camera shop where they stock a reasonable assortment of Pentax and Nikon equipment and I had one of the best laughs of my life. The lad in front of me was looking at both the D300 and K20D but was ranting about needing a minimum of 6fps in 12+ MP resolution even though this would be his first dslr (upgrading from P&S). Apparently he's read a few magazine articles about such necessity and was letting the world know it. The older gentleman who owns the shop (and has a soft spot for Pentax) looked him straight in the eye and asked in a quiet voice "do you want to be a photographer or a videographer?" I had to walk out the front door to compose myself! After a little guidance and about 20 long minutes the young lad ecstatically left with a shiny new K200D & kit lens. It was great to see a shop owner sell the merits of the camera and not just take the money & run. In the spirit of that display and Justin's earlier remarks about fps I'm posting another photo of Maria and Josie. Who needs 6+ fps - certainly not a Pentax shooter!
  74. The pictures I personally liked most among the many good ones on the page were Maria's "hallway" for the associations a bride walking away towards the exit can wake, Justin's "Hurricane Mountain Tower" for its stormy contrast (could be larger, though), Garry's "Jessica and Irene" as a most natural portrait, Haig's "wind chimes maybe?" for its composition, Adam's "no one's listening to dad..." for the scene, and Andrew's "Puffball up close" for waking childhood memories in macro. Thanks for showing.

    Apart from pictures: My best wishes to Todd's daughter. I feel with her: My own LASIK is now two weeks ago. It is a pain in the very moment: less so physically, but mentally the more. Yet already now I am fully convinced it was worth it. I hope she'll find that, too.
  75. "Who needs 6+ fps - certainly not a Pentax shooter!" Ahemm, the K20D can do "burst-mode" of 20fps, though at reduced resolution of 1.6MP, for up to six seconds.
  76. Many thanks for the kind regards for my daughter! She is doing really well considering she has to wear those patches for two weeks (one week down and one to go).. She only occassionally tears them off out of frustration. She can't get her eyes wet either so that has also been challenging. I will have to post more of her and not just the hard stuff as she is quite the stunning little beauty. Oh how I would like to get some LASIK done myself. Someday... Although you're not making it sound like the bed of roses that the commercials do (surprise surprise). Btw, If you're interested in knowing more about our Hope, and her progress: Oh ok, twist my arm and I'll drop one of her from last weekend (getting a guitar lesson from my friend Mike)
  77. Todd, thank you so much for posting your blog address...I've just read it and will continue to pray for your sweet little girl! The latest entry is VERY exciting! Keep the news coming! One never tires of hearing about miracles! *BIG smile!*

  78. Well, the eyes are something we all don't want touched, and having worn glasses all my life I had this feeling
    probably stronger than most. A LASIK, other that the surgery of your daughter, is done at full conciousness, and
    apart from the fact that they are just cutting your eyes they also make it clear that the success depends on your
    self-control of staring into a reference point. The operation itself is something you'd skip if there was a
    chance, but it is the way to the goal. In the end, I know quite a few people who all say it was worth it, and
    even if two weeks is a bit early to say so: I'm very confident.

    And you are certainly right: Her story is touching and encouraging.
  79. Hi Thomas, not to nit-pik, it's 21fps for up to 115 images in burst mode at the reduced resolution of 1.6mp for the
    K20D. Being a tech geek I know the specs too. What I was referring to is the full resolution for any particular Pentax
    dslr. For the K20D it's 3fps. For my K100D Super it's a mere 2.8fps whick is proving to be very adequate for fast
    moving animals and people. Cheers.
  80. The only occasion in the recent past (before the K20D) I found myself to miss a rapid mode was when I was trying
    to capture salute firing. Otherwise I don't recall ever having missed it, in there I agree.
  81. Todd, it's great to hear that Hope is doing well. And it was about time that you posted some pics of her! :-D I look forward to news of her improving eyesight. As for me...I took a photo! Yes, that's right, I can now say that last week I took ONE photo with the K10D. You can see it below. It might not be great, but on the plus side: It was an easy choice out of one :) In case anyone's wondering, these are our "kids"; except for the big lamb, all the other kids were presents I got my wife while we were living our long-distance relationship (for over 4 years!) before we got married and I moved to the States. And this scene? It's what my wife found when she walked in the door getting back from the airport last Wednesday. In the box is her wedding dress, which her sister had secretly brought over from their parents house, where it had been stowed for 2.5 years. She left the kids there the rest of the week and finally asked me to take a photo yesterday so she could put them away. Yes, they need to work on their calligraphy. And that's my photo of the week!
  82. SO DANG CUTE! That is precious! I bet that made her feel very special! Aren't you the guy?!

    Now THIS gives me an idea...I think there should be a thread of pics with all the sweet things guys do for their gals...y'all could post pics of your sweet deeds...go on now...I DARE YOU! (gentlemen, you will thank me later! ;)

  83. Well, it's 11:20pm Monday night and, after an endless series of conversations with very nice people on a remote sub-continent, I've finally got connectivity restored (but there are still some residual problems- which require me to contact Microsoft. The K20D arrived on Friday just as I was heading off, fly-rod in hand, for the Potomac. It's still in the box, preempted by the technical difficulties which surfaced on Saturday. So, just to show I survived, here's a shot I'm not sure about. Oh, and on my next trip up to Harper's Ferry, I think Ill take the camera rather than the fishing rod.
  84. Andrew - puffball is striking! Dirty little bird is very good.
    Patrick - thanks!
    Alisa - I am such a sucker for winding roads, especially with trees! My favorite of the whole week's pics!
    Duane - what a cool story! How many times in life do we wish we had been attended by someone like that older salesman, rather than bumping our heads!
    Todd - we will keep Hope in our thoughts.
    Mis - that is deserving of a very "romantic" response!
    Alisa - don't put us under pressure! Besides, we might have to start an "x-rated" thread if that theme is adopted!
    Dave - I second the camera over the fishing rod. Never had that much luck with a rod, and I really don't enjoy eating fish. And yes, that may be why I am dumb and love cameras!
  85. "don't put us under pressure! Besides, we might have to start an "x-rated" thread if that theme is adopted!"

    Honestly, the thought never crosssed my mind until AFTER I hit submit! It would be SO helpful to have an edit button! LOL!

    I always got the impression this was sort of a "family channel" kind of place!

    "Alisa - I am such a sucker for winding roads, especially with trees! My favorite of the whole week's pics!"

    Awwww...thanks for saying so! I keep staring at it and it keeps staring back at me...we're both stuck on ways to "make it a wow" on CS3...LOL! That's ok, I like it just the same!

  86. Maria, I was researching the same trip at the same time of year! How funny is that!? It's definitely a plan in my book! I HOPE it will be this October! Are you thinking November is better? We'll have to talk...


    There's a foliage watch on there somewhere. Maybe they only post it in the fall.
    I'm hoping for a foggy morning start both ways. I think our biggest obstacle has been trying to do it on the cheap (no
    hotels) and by the time you get to the start point in OK, we'll have been in the car for 6 - 8 hrs. ick. (6yr old & 3yr old
    being the "problem")
  88. Every week more photos and new members to get some inspiration and enjoyment, thanks Pentaxians!
    Dave, the "bath" photo is missing EXIF data about the lens but I remember using the A-50mm F 1.7 and the Pentax
    (Cosina) FA 100mm macro F 3.5 that day for a very small and handy solution with the *istD. In fact the lens does
    not matter that much for this photo as long as it is from Pentax and you are ready to move yourself :) Since I
    mostly dislike ISO shots higher than 200 (in the shadows) I had to take off the polarizer for that photo to make it
    without a tripod and SR at 1/125 F 3.5 and I had to take care of the reflections from the shopping window and took
    the photo finally at a slight angle and distance of about 2.5 meters from the glass.
  89. Summertime in Florida can produce some rather unique cloud formations [​IMG]
  90. Cloud shots are really boring Rod (except that one--the light is just wonderful!) Well done!
  91. Great shot Rod! I can never seem to get the sun's rays pouring through the clouds!
  92. Well Garry, you really got me there. I scrolled quickly through the lot, and ond struck me as being just to my taste, then read the text next to it.......!
    I consider it a compliment, thanks.

    To everyone: great images all around, quite impressive really.
  93. Wow, what a great series of shots this week. Too many good ones to comment individually. I've been very busy with paid stuff and done very little personal shooting. The first one is with the FA50mm Macro and 60mm of extension tubes. These flys were smalllll. [​IMG] Since it was a paid work week. Here's a sample from a really fun couple to work with: [​IMG] Second shot from the same group. [​IMG] Now this is not a great shot but taken with a new to me Meade 1000mm telescope converted to K mount. [​IMG] The lens on the body: [​IMG] if you are interested in more about the lens and some sample shots. Have a look at the following thread:
  94. Taken with the K20D, DA* 300, FG540 with Better Beamer at ISO 800. The wings were clipped in the original but I like the effect anyway. I kind of like the fact that its faceless too - adds mystery and separates it from your ordinary bird photo.<br/><br/>

    The Unkown Seagull <br/><br/>

    <img src="" /><br/><br/>
  95. Brad...Nice shot. I think the frozen splash of water and the reflections of the tones of the bird in the water help make the shot.

    Hin Man...Very nice macro, I like how the colors of the caterpillar are repeated in the flower.

    Andrew... I don't believe this shot !!! Awesome.

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