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  1. Still spending most nights up at the hospital, and at night I can mooch wifi from their hotel across the street. (seriously, how behind can a hospital be, not having wireless.... SHEESH) So here I am, and since matt posted riverfest - I'm starting POW first. THPPPT.
  2. This one I actually set up & shot on video first, because it was just so STRIKING. It is one of my absolute fav's, period, right now. Marked at 5 stars in Aperture.
  3. Here are a couple from me...A day at the beach, [​IMG] - [​IMG]
  4. Dang, Maria! You beat me! LOL! I really like that red shot...way cool! The only thing I shot all week was my work from today...the daughter of a friend (actually, the daughter is a friend too) is having a baby and I offered to take her maternity shots for her. I am very pleased with the results and hope she is too. Right now, I can't pick my favorite so much. I ended up liking a lot of them for different reasons. We shot the poses at her folk's house, so I was able to get a lot of personal items in the shots; family photos, quits grandmother had made for the daughter when she was born as well as another she made for this new baby...I think that made the shots pretty special. I used my K100D, my SMC Pentax F 50mm 1.7 lens, and shot in manual mode...YIKES! In hindsight, I should have shot in AV mode instead, but shooting in manual is more challenging for me...Anyways, are two... [​IMG]
    I've straightened that top one using Picassa and it's showing up fine on my monitor, even in the upload on Photobucket. But posted here, it's still crooked...go figure... Javier, I really like that second shot...there's a lot of tension in that photo! And the color in the waves is beautiful...where were YOU? BTW, Maria, I hope your grandmother is feeling better! Lisa
  5. Wow, Maria, you're virtually running on Taiwanese time here! Once again - I hate hospitals, commiserations!
    The Vietnamese wedding is indeed striking!
    Javier - love the second shot!
    Alisa, great portaits.
    Well, as some of you might know, I have my new K20D and new second hand FA 28mm f2.8.
    So here are a few from yesterday. Bad thing is there are more than a few that I want to share, good news is, I am going to hold myself back!!
    Nothing like a cat for a Pentax thread!
    A water feature
    A larger shot - sidewalk near my house.
    Ok, a fourth then! One from my good old DA 50-200!
    Some kind of water plant.
  6. My second wedding photo shooting with the bride and groom went very well this saturday and the Pentax *istD analog TTL with an Osram Studio 44 hammerhead flash gave nearly perfect results with the beautiful creamy white dressing of the bride on some shots where I did not use manual flash. The park I showed you before invited for some unusual pictures, I can only show you one sample with a lend K10D and the Pentax A-50mm macro, where the persons are not fully recognisable but I really love this one :)
  7. I went on mountain tour to the "Hohenkasten" near Mt. Saentis and later to the village Appenzell and took some photos in the church "Maurizius"
  8. Stained glass
  9. The bargain of the week was a mint Pentax K SMC 28mm F 3.5 and a Velbon tripod head. And yes, It made me "happy as a cow" ;-)
  10. After turning you on I just have to turn you off :)
  11. Sorry, the photos in the church where made with the Pentax *istD & Pentax A 50mm F1.7, a good looking and light
    travel kit, and not the Pentax K10D if that matters :)
  12. I’m still processing holliday-pics from last week, and I didn’t do any serious shooting. But I have some in-betweens anyway, representing the past week.<br> I haven’t found a jagged-switch sofar , so I’ll upload these just as 700’s and hope the site will leave them alone. <br> <br>
    <img src="">
    <br> <br>
    <img src="">
    <br> <br>
    <img src="">
    <br> <br>
  13. My "high-speed" connection is incredibly slow this morning--at the rate it's going, this thread will probably finish loading sometime Tuesday afternoon. I'm looking forward to seeing y'all's photos then. Ooooh, wait! I can see Garry's --very nice!
  14. Ok--rebooting seems to have cured the issue. Looks like we're off to a great start! Looks like you're taking all in stride, Maria--those are nice. "Maternity pictures" are a new genre as far as I'm concerned but those look very professional to me Alisa--I'll bet you could do wonders with a really good camera (wink.) You lost me with that last shot Markus (just had to shake your booty didn't you?) but the candles are beautiful. I didn't get out & about this week but managed to find something to play with here at home.
  15. :) Another fine morning! Sheez - where do I start? Maria- love your lady in red. Javier- - #2 is great. It's where I'd like to be. Alisa - Abosolutely beautiful images. I could feel the emotion in # 2. Garry- Congrats on the new rig. The water feature is my fave - very pleasing to my eye. Markus-Those 1st 2 are shots are awesome. Great eye! (and nice "butt" by the way) ;). OShiva- I'm a sucker for angles... I could stare at your glass shot all morning (EST of course). Dave- Cool shadow shots. You really found some stunning images "in between the lines"...
    Here's my first foray into the nighttime insect world. This was captured at f/5.6 30 sec. ISO 100 with my 50-200. Oh yeah, 11 year cicada(sp?) that seems to emerge every year at this time.
  16. Well, as is usually the case on Sunday mornings, I look at the selection and wonder whether I should post anything this week. What great shots. Maria's red shot, O Shiva's macro, Javier's wave, what can I say, just great shooting. Like Dave, I didn't get a chance to do much this week but here are three. BTW, although when I signed up for this forum I used my formal name, everyone calls be Bob.
  17. and second
  18. and lastly
  19. Inside the orchid: WOW, Bob!
  20. Such beautiful photographs, I hate to pick a favorite. My own contribution is a real corker.
    I have a part time job working for a company that sells political promotional items. Buttons, bumper stickers, T shirts, that sort of thing. We handle the Democratic party including the Obama account. If you order an official item from his website, we make it and ship it. I will be working at the convention in Denver at the end of August, and was advised that I should have a passport to ease my security clearances. Instead of paying for an ugly passport photo from someone else, I decided on an ugly self-portrait.
    After a few hours of researching the requirements and playing with my *istD this is what I wound up with. BTW, if you need a picture for a passport, here is the information ... guidelines
  21. Let me try that post again... It's never easy.
  22. I have two to show, both still taken when I was on the mountain. Sunsets, but from a perspective you hardly see from lower ground.
  23. And the second is after turning around
  24. Some subjects are just impossible, Dave ;~) It sounds like you're in for some fun--and all for a worthy cause.
  25. K20D, 35mm DA Limited, Ultrapod in 3 inches of water about 3 inches from the frog...about 1:3 macro. Used Live View to compose this.
    From way back on Memorial Day...Davis Path NH, nice 3 day weekend of backpacking. K20D, 21mm DA Limited.
    From a softball tournament a few weekends ago...shot in the rain with all the weather sealed, and well sealed gear I now own!!!
  26. All very nice! I especially like: Maria's red wedding, Javier's boat, both of Alisa's shots but especially the first. (I took some distinctly less successful shots of my wife pregnant, but it isn't worth my life to post them here) AND: Garry's plant, Markus's love mirrors, anything and everything O Shiva does, Dave's leaf, robert's orchid, Justin's frog, and Thomas's mountain observatory shots. All great! I was very happy with a few of the shots I took this week, trying for flower shots as always, and a bee wandered into the garden. Both with the M 50 f4 macro, somewhere between f4 an8 (and not quite enough, but oh well).
  27. Plus bee
  28. And don't ask me why I took a wide angle lens to the zoo, but I was trying out a Vivitar 24mm F2.8. (which has A settings! I didn't know when I bought it). This turned out ok. Poor goat.
  29. This a shot of the base 200 foot Fairy Falls, Yellowstone NP, a 3 mile hike, well worth it.
  30. And after hiking a few miles, well a cold hefeweizen his the spot...
  31. Sorry, still learning, Fairy Falls resized
  32. This is why I drink good beer...This is my son hiking the Mt Washburn Trail (9 miles round trip, 10,243 ft) inbetween 12 ft high snow drifts! It's great to get off the beaten path.
  33. Wow the quality and the quantity gets better each week. Some excellent stuff from all of you. Maria, Great wedding shots Alisa, Very nice maternity series, you captured her well. Nice sailing shot, Great angle and colours. Love the board walk area. Cool cat Garry and the new camera's doing well in your hands Markus, Love the reflection shot. Great location and very good idea. OShiva, more excellent stuff from you Love the windows. Pretty decent macro too. Nice and sharp. Dave Nice 'texture' shots. Good nighttime macro Doug.Ii've not tried that yet. Great series Robert, I like the Last one the best Dave, you win the 'corker of he week! Thomas that observation station shot is great. beautiful light. Justin, Shooting the frog that way and the result is inspired. Nick very good close ups of the corn flowers. great colours Bob, the Brew would go down well here 32C today, 38 in the humidity. The falls look very good I took my new toy out very early this morning. Sunrise was at 5:45 or so and of course we're surrounded by the ocean. Off to Brackley Point Beach PEI at 4:30. Armed with too much stuff and the 1000mm Meade. Still trying to get used to this lens. Focus is an issue and I might have to get another body installed with a Katz Eye just for it's use. So to start Cove head lighthouse before sunrise. Da 16-45 [​IMG] Sun is just peeking over the ocean 1000mm: [​IMG] A Blue Heron starting his day fishing 1000mm with AF1.7 TC [​IMG] I believe a sandpiper digging around in the mud. 1000mm These guys are tough as they rarely stand still for a second. [​IMG] I'm liking this lens but it's also going to take more practice. I don't think I could use it with the current screen on the K10D without the Hoodman loupe to chimp both exposure and checking focus. In bright light AF confirm works but like this morning when the light was dim I'd miss about 30+ % of the shots.
  34. Bob,

    If you want another son, I'm up for adoption.

    Javier had first dibs, but he declined, even though it's all the rage to adopt a child of different ethnicity in So Cal.

    Although I really shouldn't be jealous of Javiers son getting to shoot his SLRs, my dad did give me free reign of his Zeiss range finder, and Pentax K1000 from about 14. Back then a SLR even as antiquated as the K1000 was about the coolest contraption in the world.

    But Bob, I'm still on the market!!!

    @ Alisa, IMO, your best work yet. Although I liked the road in Arkansas (great concept, although I'd have preferred black and white with lots of dodging and burning to bring out the textures and focus the eye), and Devils Den (my old stomping grounds while at the University of Arkansas). I actually find pregnant women completely unattractive (not sure if thats weird but women find it strange that I do so my apologies), so the fact that I even looked really says a lot about the shots, excellent work with the window light portraits.

    Did you use optical filters (for the soft focus effect) or digital? Great post processing or use of filters either way.

    @ Thomas, welcome back to the forums, and well in a week I'm already amazed by your work. You have become one of my favorites on this site.

    @ Maria...are you going to start posting this thread on Fridays anytime soon!!! Nice wedding shots as always, I could NEVER shoot weddings, and congrats on the awards for the concert shots, well done.

    @ Nick, Great flower shots as always. Love the detail, and the close crops.

    @ Robert...Incredible!!! Love the shallow DOF in the last one!!!

    @ Oshiva, love the second one, I'm not a huge fan of manipulation but most of the time you produce stuff that makes me think it's A-Ok.

    @ Gary, Are you testing us? Just seeing if we appreciate your photography or just your models/co-workers? Love the scooter shot, very interesting to me.

    @ Dave, Like the shadow abstracts. Well done, and different.

    @ Javier, you should shoot for the California tourism industry. You always capture cali so well...
  35. Great shots everyone, unfortunately I've only been able to view them on my Blackberry as the local ISP (Bell-Aliant) is having server issues. Even on the tiny screen they look teriffic. Maria - the mood of the Vietnamese wedding shot is lovely. Javier - awesome waves photo with the couple. Alisa - the maternity photos are beautifully done, superb work. Markus - love the stained glass and the candles images. O'Shiva - I really like the well saturated color in your photos. Robert - stunning flowers. Dave like the tiles - interesting lines and shadows.Thomas - great sunsets, the first in my favorite. Justin - cool frog. Nick - sweet macro with the bee. Bob - incredible waterfall. Peter - the sun peeking over the ocean is my favorite photo this week. It's the kind of image that makes Maritimers working in Alberta or landlocked anywhere else long for home.

    PS. Bob those beers look awfully good. Cheers.
  36. This thread gets longer every week! Although I like 'em all, I'll just point out my faves: Maria's red wedding pic; Javier's wave; Alisa's huge belly--I mean, cute pregnancy shots (especially the second); Markus's newly weds being eaten by the reflected dragon; O Shiva's insect, what a great macro; Dave, I love urban abstracts, especially when playing with shadows, so your shots tick all the right boxes :); Robert's plant nose, freaky, but cool; Dave's mugshot, it's funny!; Thomas's sunset over the clouds...oh the envy!; Justin, good use of the Live View Gimmick for the frog photo; Nick, great bee shot; Bob, that is some well photographed beer!; and finally, Peter, I'm sorry, but you need to post that setting Sun, it's too cool not to share :)
  37. My contribution this week, two I hadn't posted from my Bust-a-Prime™ therapy session on Friday.
    Pale Life

    At the End of the Day
  38. Justin,

    I think you're doing ok on your own just fine, thank you. I'm hoping for an empty nest, someday. Maybe an uncle twice removed or something like that, (just kidding, I'm sure your father is proud of you).

    Besides, I think you hike more than enough on your own, as well as drink good beer too, and I'm only a couple years older than you. Ok maybe a couple decades. Well, you are as old as you feel, or so they say. Hell, I might be in better shape than I was when I was 30.

    Awesome shots by everyone as usual.

    Glad everybody liked the beer shot. It tasted great also. Sorry I can't share that aspect as well. Maybe someday we will all meet up for a beer, eh...
  39. Finally got a connection. Wow they're all even better on the big screen. Garry, sorry I missed yours on the Blackberry. The cat pic is a great shot. Mis - Pale Life is a well thought out, artistic capture. I like it. I didn't have much time to shoot this week, exterior household renovations and such. My lovely wife had a very detailed and long list of work for me that was scheduled for completion by the end of the weekend. Not all of it got done. Despite the list I managed to take a couple of brief detours with the kids and catch a few snaps. Here are a few photos....
  40. And another...
  41. Miserere, Both nice shots but I relly like end of the day. Very emotive shot and great composition. Duane, great kid shots. The joy of youth in the first and wonderful expressions in the second. Three more from me. Just experimenting with the Longuy (gotta think of a catchy name since Bigma is taken). I was watching this dragonfly who landed everywhere but the spot I was focused on. Got an ant instead. I'd guess the plant was about 5 meters away and as close as this thing can focus. [​IMG] Now for the "awe ain't that cute shot" Wild ducks in a pond behind the beach. [​IMG] Now back by request. Sunset over North River PEI. [​IMG]
  42. Fairy Falls is soo cool!
    Ditto the pale flower, Mis--you put your boredom with flowers to good use!
    Justin, how did you get that close to the frog?! I love that shot.
  43. Great stuff everyone!
    Markus, your candles are very tranquil. Nice.<br>
    O Shiva, all three are stunning! Love that macro!<br>
    Dave, nice abstracts! Still using your K10 I see.<br>
    Doug, did you use flash?<br>
    Bob Colameco, that orchid shot is pure sensuality! Just wait till Paul Wilkins sees it - he's definitely going to think of
    something feminine!<br>
    Dave Richhart - you take the model of the week award!<br>
    Thomas, stunning! The shadow outlined in the background with the mountain in the foreground is incredible, but I
    wouldn't have picked up on it if it weren't for your title!<br>
    Justin, prefer the subject in the second shot, but the first shot is well done! I am letting you and Dave Richhart set
    the tone with models this week!<br>
    Nick - nice bee. They never sit still.<br>
    Bob Marz, I love beer, but today my vote goes to the fairy falls. Splendid!
    Peter - that 1000 mm weapon is producing some splendid stuff! I agree about naming it. But it needs to be
    something more unique than a play on the manufacturer's brand like the Bigma. Something more descriptive of
    character. I suggest that "Longuy" doesn't do it justice. The name should either be something suggestive like -
    "Hung" - as in "Gee, he's really hung!" or maybe something legendary like "Lightmaster", or an acronym
    like "THULOMC" for "The Huge Old Lens On My Camera", or "MYBOFL" for "MY Big Old F***ing Lens", or
    just "BMF" for "Big MotherF*****"! Love the shots by the way!
    Mis - that therapy sure is amazing for photography! Nice shots!<br>
    Duane, you win the "Aaaw" award for the week. Real cute!<br>
    Peter - second group of three? Keep shooting - we're going to start a mirror lens thread mid-week! Then you and Mis
    can make the rest of us feel mighty ashamed!
  44. Outstanding photos from everyone. My week has been mostly testing my Tamron 1.4x on my Tamron 70-300 Di LD on Hummingbirds



  45. Hin - hummingbirds are difficult subjects! Well done!
  46. Garry, no flash... only light coming from a 100 watt back door light bulb about 30 feet away.
  47. Astounding, Hin!
  48. Wow! Y'all got busy since yesterday! Thanks for the kudos in regards to my photos. Justin, I used the soft focus
    on Picassa, believe it or not. I first did all my PP in CS3 then imported the images I wanted to soft focus into
    Picassa. I've tried the blur/soft focus effects in CS3, but I never like them as much as the effect in Picassa. And in
    regards to that road photo from last week, I did add some burning and dodging on the color version and then
    converted it to a grungy-looking image, probably more sepia than b/w, but it's kind of interesting. I like the color
    version more because it's like what I saw with my own eyes when I was there, which brings back such happy

    Markus, I like the candles a lot! That image conveys a lot of "mood". Good job!

    O Shiva...little fly is AMAZING! WOW!

    Dave, I like them all, but the first one the most! I'm glad you're playing with your new toy! You've got way more self-
    control that I do!

    Doug, your cicada shot is very cool!

    Bob, inside the orchid is definitely a WOW!

    Dave, thanks for the info regarding passport pics! Good job doing your own!

    Gosh Thomas, I'm a real sucker for sunset picturs, but the color in the turning around shot is so beautiful!

    Justin, your frog is perfect! Do you like using Live View? How badly does Live View suck the life out of the battery?
    Just curious...

    Well, Nick, after looking at your bee shot, you've got me thinking more along the lines of macro filters instead of
    teleconverters....a good macro lens is somewhere in my LBA it! Oh, and that poor goat! LOL!

    OK Bob, Fairy Falls wins in my book! I just love the majesty of waterfalls!

    Peter, you're giving me too many good choices! Can ya come up with some "eh" photos so I can at least pick a
    winner!? LOL! Baby duck is so sweet, but I think I like the very first one the very best...good composition and
    exposure...that moon in the corner is just perfect!

    Mis, I know you're not a flower person, but I do love the colors in that Pale Life shot, although end of the day is great
    too...I'm really fond of that little doughnut-shaped flare! That lens is a keeper!

    Duane, while I love both shots, the first one is the sweetest...what a cute little guy enjoying life in the moment! Oh to
    be (I'm gonna guess here) 3 again!

    Hin, I said it before, but those hummingbird shots are fabulous! Everytime you post something with that
    teleconverter, I want one more and more! Man it does a great job with that lens!

    Good job everyone! Can't wait for next week!
  49. Alisa,

    I actually never use live view. This was probably the first shot I used it that I really needed it to get the shot. Since I couldn't use the "olympus vari magni" right angle finder since I was literally in the water.

    How badly does it suck the battery? Well I get about 10GB of RAW per battery or about 700+ shots. This matches the K10D!!! I shoot lots with fill flash outdoors (about 50% of my people shots).

    On the weekend I shot the frog, I shot 10GB, 25-50% fill flash, about 10 minutes of live view, and several family members reviewed all the shots on a card via the LCD...and of course chimping!!! I'd say that is impressive for a battery Sony discontinued when it bought Minolta!!!

    The bottom line with the Live View, and DPreview confirmed what I was saying, and what people ridiculed me for, the K20D live view is an afterthough. A spec improver.

    It's not a finished product, it's awkward, and hard to work with. Does it work? Yes, but trust me, if you are expecting P&S type live view where you can adjust camera settings, and focus instantly than you will be disappointed.

    If you need it for an occasional, "in the pond" frog macro, then it will work just fine.

    I stick by what I said before the camera came out. If you have a K10D, buy a K30D/K5D, if you are buying your first DSLR or upgrading from an older model, the K20D is an improved K10D, but it's not worth upgrading over the K10D unless you just have $1000 you are eager to part with. Better to buy a few new lenses, some flashes, studio stuff, a good tripod with that $1000 and wait for the K30D.
  50. Folks, What amazing images from all...It amazes me to see how this thread grows and grows every week...and the quality is great,,,

    Justin, I would be happy to adopt you ;-) ...and Mis...i have tones of yard work that needs to get done, as well other house hold chores.....

    As far as the K20D goes and live view, I don't believe I have ever used it. Maybe the first day I had it, but don't remember...I don't use my K20D much, I mostly use my K10D when shooting digital....Don't know why this is so...
    I still agree with you on this....''I stick by what I said before the camera came out. If you have a K10D, buy a K30D/K5D, if you are buying your first DSLR or upgrading from an older model, the K20D is an improved K10D, but it's not worth upgrading over the K10D unless you just have $1000 you are eager to part with. Better to buy a few new lenses, some flashes, studio stuff, a good tripod with that $1000 and wait for the K30D.''
  51. Another week of amazing content from y'all! Once again I don't have anything I feel is postable from my k100d time this week. Let's just say I've learned the hard way that I don't have the skills to take pictures of flowers in low light.. :)

    I will just throw this one in for fun from my p&s taken on Friday night...
  52. Got to go for a three day fly fishing trip down the Deschutes river here in Oregon this week. Mostly fishing but got a few good shots in. My biggest disappointment is an osprey with a 20+ inch rainbow that it was at its absolute limit of what it could carry that was on the river with us. Got several shots that were OK but nothing good enough to post here. The first shot is my friends Scott and Barbara scouting the White Horse rapids before going over in a drift boat. Scott was a little nervous.
  53. A simple shot of some aquatic weeds. Why would a plant under water have flowers? Is it just a leftover?
  54. Here is a thistle head with nice colors and patterns. I was packing light and only had one lens along, Pentax SMC 70-210. I like this lens more and more although the Vivitar 100mm macro would have been nicer for the closeups. Thanks for all the positive comments last week. Makes this a lot of fun to participate. Andy
  55. OK, mooching a connection from across the street is actually working well tonight, so I'm going to get this said while I
    still can:

    1. In response to matt's thread about me winning $$ on my bday - Nope, he doesn't get to spend a penny of it, although
    I'm sure he'll take full advantage of the Huey Pro or Spyder calibrator I'm getting myself (I know, i get weird toys for
    myself). Opinions will be accepted.

    2. Here's kudos for the ones sticking to me this week:

    Alisa - great job! I really do like the treatment Picasa gave you for soft focus. That come in a mac version? Cause now
    I want it ONLY for the soft focus filter! The ONLY thing i can pick on is - next time, roll the shirt over the belly instead of
    folding it up over the chest. Seriously, I have to get that picky.

    Gary - love the mopeds shot. Reminds me of a street in Florence. Or Milan, or Rome, or any other Italian city....

    Markus - love the candles. Laughed my rear off w/ the cow, but I'm still not kissing it

    Shiva - NICE windows.

    Dave - LOVE the b&w shadows. Took me a couple looks to figure out what was going on. WOW.

    Calameco - bowled over by the red orchid. serious wowness.

    Peter - adoring the moon over the lighthouse and the bird in the setting sun. way good.

    Hin - I love the color of the hummingbird you found. good job! He's nice n sharp

    Todd - the coolness of the tunnel makes up for it being taken by a p&s. ;-)

    Catch you all later from a hospital in Oklahoma! Hope you have a good week - post bunches, I'll have a strong signal
    everywhere there, no mooching necessary!! (man is it nice for them to be w/ the times!)
  56. Hi Alisa - Maybe you were mixing mine up with some of the other macro shots, but I've never had much luck with filters. The bee shot was with the M f4 macro 50mm lens, no filters or extension. I do really like extension tubes, though. And let me say again, I love you first shot on the thread!
  57. Andrew I envy you your time on the Deshutes! It's a terrific river and very exotic in high desert from a mid-Atlantic pov. I hope the fishing was as good for you as it was when I was there. I'll also agree with you about the smc 70-210mm it's really wonderful and that thistle shot proves it--well done!
  58. Hi and sorry for the late answer. What did I like most? In a fully personal selection, that were the kissing
    couple by Javier, the second shot of the pregnant woman by Alisa (the first has to little of a portrait for me),
    Markus' Church shots, the final (dense) shadow pattern on the ground by Dave, Robertro's orchid and Nick's bee,
    the feeling of huge space shown in the Mt. Crawford image by Justin, Peter's gentle sinset wave, Mis' "pale life"
    (it has a very interesting type of background unsharpness due to the funny bokeh the mirror lens produces), and
    the first of Hin's bird.<br>
    Justin, thank you very much. I'm deeply honoured.<br>
    Garry, indeed the shadow is one of those effects you see clearly when there, but that are hard to bring out on an
    I'm now off to a duty daytrip to Valparaiso, but I'll take the cam and see what I can bring home.
  59. Nick, thanks for your input regarding my photo! Sorry if I got your info confused with someone else's info. Between filters, extension tubes, and filters, I find myself continuing to explore my options for getting better macro shots.

    Speaking of which, Andrew's thistle is pretty cool! I love the geometry of the angle of your shot! Color is great too!

    Maria, what hospital will you be at? If you need anything at all, please give me a holler. I think you still have my phone #. I changed phones and I don't have yours anymore, so give me a jingle if you feel like a visit or need anything at all. Regarding the shirt in the photo, the subject saw something similar in another picture and wanted the shirt that way, and since I wanted her to be happy, I let her handle that part of it. Actually, the wrinkles on the other shirt bothered me way more than the tank top...LOL!
  60. Forgot to post this...I checked and it doesn't look like Picassa is available for Mac yet. I will tell you though, I really
    love the following features better in Picassa than CS3;

    Soft Focus,

    It will also handle RAW format, so that's convenient.

  61. On my bike ride today I discovered kind of a "butterfly hotspot" - 4 different varieties in the same small area. [​IMG] Black Swallowtail [​IMG] Monarch [​IMG] Zebra [​IMG] Harris Checkerspot (?)
  62. Wow! Which one's your favorite? I'm leaning towards #1, but I love #4 as well. Something tells me you'll be visiting that place again soon!

  63. An agate wind chime. [​IMG]
  64. Some cocktail my girlfriend was having this weekend(for me its either beer or vodka usually) [​IMG]
  65. Love the agate wind chime Rit.

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