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  1. Our company prints on site but lately we have had requests for a website for parents to purchase after the tournament, does anyone have any advice about photo hosting. I really like the SMUG MUG site but I want to hear the positives and negative that other shooters have had.
  2. Personally I use Express Digital - PhotoReflect.com - They don't limit you on files, events or time - plus they don't charge you for storage unless / until you sell something.
    Every other site I've seen has either a limit on the number of events and/or a monthly fee depending upon the amount of storage that you are using.
  3. David,
    What do they charge you per sale
  4. I used Photoreflect for a while but didn't care much for the fact that when someone ordered, I had to THEN go and upload a high resolution photo for them to print, rather than having the high resolution photo already uploaded for the fulfillment printer like with Smugmug. Difference of course is the $149 yearly fee on Smugmug, but I also like the customer service better, having used both.
  5. David...I just checked that site and they charge $9 per month.
  6. hmmm... I must be on their old plan- because I don't pay unless I sell - then it's 15%...
  7. Love SmugMug. Just changed on February 1 and have enjoyed them taking care of everything. The photos look great on their site, easy to upload, watermarking is wonderful, right-click protect is fabulous, and even have my own printmark. Can't think of anything that I don't like. Good luck.
  8. I've been using SmugMug for a couple of years, and I recommend it highly. Have uploaded thousands of photos, and it is completely worry free.
  9. I use zenfolio. They use Mpix as their printer and very reliable.
  10. I use SmugMug and they offer no support other than directing you to the online help section related to your problem. I often have issues that the online support can't solve (I can't figure out) and I would pay extra to be able to speak to someone on a phone to get help, they don't offer this service.
    I have given up on SmuMug for help and live with my problem (mostly related to watermarking). I suppose I'm not technical enough to get through the manual. Anyway, I get a lot of interest from players and family on buying photos and have sold very few, even though a lot of my shots have been published in local newspapers over 200 times. I'm probably missing something or people are simply pirating through "print screen". Apparently SmugMug can stop this but I'm not sure. I know people are buying a few shots but SM waits until you generate $500 before paying. Not very impressed and will be dropping them in the next few months. Sorry to be negative but support is very important to me. Dave

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