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  1. At this time the old address will still work for a while,
    but if you have the site bookmarked, you should change to the new name and address:
    Welcome to OpticalLimits!
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  2. Thank you, JDM. Don't you love it when sites change names? Is it based in the U.S. now?
  3. The new home page says:
    We are still here :). Nothing has changed really. We simply wanted a .com domain and since has been taken, we decided to move on to Same content, same owners, no worries!
    To me, that makes about as much sense as if (a mainland English-language news outlet in China) changed their name to The new name has no obvious connection to the old one. Maybe the Fuji photography company should change its name to Everest just to get a nice domain name. I understand that they did not want the confusion caused by two photozone sites distinguished only by the domain name, but they should have spent another hour or so on the brainstorming for a new name.

    It could be worse. There's the case of Pen Island, a company that sells personalized pens. Their website is :eek:
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  4. Thank you, DrBen. I just looked at the Pen Island web site. I can't believe the address was accidental--they say they specialize in wood.
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  5. That's made my day. Yes, I am excessively childish: tee-hee.
  6. Nobody is perfect, but for testing involving only a single solitary sample, I have found the old site useful.
    The only place that I know of, and maybe the only place that can, test with something like a proper sample is the Lens

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