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  1. I have seen many pictures where the skin tone is all white almost a solid white.
    Here is a good example.
    My question is how do I take a photo of mine and get a result like the image
    link above.
  2. First, look at the lighting setup reflected in her eyes. Then consider exposure. Photoshop is a distant third.
  3. Hi Bill, While I can't disagree with Carl about the importance of lighting the shot, one can come pretty close in Photoshop with a more-or-less "regular" color shot.

    For example here's a "regular" color shot:

    Then one taken a moment later that I made into a high-key B&W:

    The lighting is identical and they were taken moments apart. While I can't recall the *exact* steps I did in PS, I probably used the good ol' "Russel Brown B&W" (google that) technique to arrive at a B&W image, then used the "Screen" blending mode in PS to make things very bright and high key.

    You might also try googling "Photoshop high key" and see what you get. Good luck!
  4. Bill... Look these over...Roger

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