Photoshop won't let me save in jpg. how to change this?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by photochick, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Hi there,
    I'm using the cannon software to convert from raw to tiff, but then my
    photoshop CS won't allow me to convert tiff or psd to jpg. It only gives me
    pdf, photoshop raw, psd or tiff as options. When I open a jpg. it gives me
    many more options. How to I change this? Thanks.
  2. bdp


    My guess is that you're working in layers, and if so, you need to FLATTEN the image, then you can save in JPG mode.
  3. you can still use a layered image to create a jpg...are you ending up with a 16 bit file? that will negate the availability of jpg for output...if so, just go to mode/8 bits/channel, & you should be able to save as a jpg
  4. yup that works. I was working with the 16... thanks once again! :) flatten image also worked.
  5. you really shouldn't need to flatten layers to save as jpg either...
  6. Kate, Why do you keep requesting my email?
  7. Use "Save for Web"
  8. Kate, I had a similar question not long ago. See this thread for some more help: . For my purposes, File/Save for Web best serves my needs.

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