"Photoshop this boring photo" contest/activity type thing...

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  1. Let's give this a try.
    Photo.net member Steven Richardson was nice enough to spearhead this, get me a suitably boring photo, and to keep kicking my butt when I got behind about making it happen.
    To take a boring photo and do some photoshop (or other editing program) magic to it and make it more interesting.
    To critique or discuss the original photo. The point of the photo is to be sub-par. So telling everyone that you think it is sub-par is a waste of everyone's time, including yours. this photo might work well, or it might not work at all. This is a new sort of thing for the Digital Darkroom forum and it may take us a few tries to figure out what is best as far as subject matter.
    The photo is attached both as a 700 pixel wide in-line image and a full size JPEG. Feel free to use whichever you like, but please upload your finished image as a 700 pixel wide image so we can see them all easily.
  2. Full size image.
  3. OK, why not. Some shots just need to become graphic art. I've just done a test print on black velvet! W00t!
  4. yeah, I agree Matt....some just have to become graphic art....
  5. Here's my offering:
  6. Bit of a crossbreed.
  7. Messing around...
  8. probably how a child would see... different angle
  9. Oh man, you guys are no fun! ;-) Kinda crude, but...
  10. one more go-round. JR
  11. One of my distressed Kodachrome film effect settings created and saved as a preset in ACR 4.6 with some color tweaks and cropping.
  12. Too much to drink...
  13. Steve,
  14. What to do with the goofy looking tree?
    OK, off to bed now. It's been fun. :)
  15. whoops.....sorry, you're right. Guess I was looking elsewhere ;-)
  16. Was there a Leica M9 as a giveaway to the winner?
  17. This is excellant, love the posts so far....when can we do it again?
  18. Boring shots I would normally delete, and sometimes regret, but if you provoke me here is suggestion that might forcethe attention of the viewer - maybe !
  19. Boring shots I would normally delete, and sometimes regret, but if you provoke me here is suggestion that might forcethe attention of the viewer - maybe !
  20. Try again - and then I give up if. .
  21. Here's my take at it ; )
  22. What a cool idea ...
    Hope this isn't too over the top???
  23. [​IMG]
    On my lunch break...
  24. [​IMG]
    "California Divided Highway" ;-)
  25. It's sacrilege to mess with Clifford, but really: this is an homage, I promise.
  26. I'm on board with Laur's most recent addition. I hadn't forgotten about Ole Red there. JR
  27. Painterly
  28. Honk! Honk!
    Out of my way....
  29. I know far better have been posted but I wanted to add in the Navy and stuff.
  30. this was fun, I like the baseball version.
  31. here is my version
  32. My Version
  33. Just for joke... : )
  34. Hey what happened to my shot? Did the mod delete it?
  35. This is really weird. Here it is again.
  36. Hah.. I don't know which is funner, looking at the entries or doing the pshop work!
  37. Here's mine!
  38. And mine.
  39. Heres my version. Enjoy.
  40. Version 2
  41. I gotta say, Jack's photos are looking pretty darn good!
  42. Hopefully the lack of a calibrated monitor on this machine doesn't mess this one up too much.. this monitor tends to be a bit dark.. also having a weird issue viewing in firefox but elsewhere it looks fine. Anyway, just some quick playing :)
  43. Round and round she goes ....
  44. I pretty much suck at Photoshop, but gave it a whirl since I need to figure out what some of these filters/stuff do. Here's my rendition called "Twilight Road...dododododododo":
  45. Jack's is a hard act to follow, but I offer up the following likeness of God, who is Himself a photographer:
    (All in good fun, of course.)
    So who wins Josh's Leica? ;-)
  46. Try This.
  47. A simple twist is all that's needed.
  48. I am not very good at this sort of thing, but I had fun. :)
  49. Sorry I didn't get here earlier, but fantastic work. A few belly-laughs but many badly needed chuckles.
    And I hadn't realized how much I had missed Clifford, sob.
  50. This is simple, but I always wondered what happens when you max out every setting in Adobe Camera Raw to the right, except exposure and brightness.
    Actually, it looks a little familiar..... ;)
  51. I don't know if I'm allowed to post another but I felt compelled to go further with it. The first one was light and bright. This one is dark and moody.
  53. I should be studying.
  54. Getting a ride is tough.
  55. Leo P, "North by Northwest" scene has made this modification my favorite (yet). I will add "North" in my movie rent list near the top.
  56. I was going to go get a drink. Then stumbled on this thread. I think I'm getting tipsy thumbing through these works of art....
    Some good ideas here.
  57. I could use some lessons in adding a shadow.
  58. Sarah's alien encounter takes the cake so far,...IMO.
  59. This is my highway!
  60. Hey Josh,,,
    I've been tied up work the past couple of weeks, and I didn't even know you had put this online. Sorry for not having my input earlier, and a big Thanks for getting it going. Everyone created some really great images, and I think they had fun doing it. I hope we can make this a monthly thing. What do you think? I'll be more than happy to submit more photos.
    Thanks again for everyone that submitted their creative image..
  61. csr


    Have to confess - I used a shot just like this for a project earlier this year...
  62. I saw this in the email and just couldn't pass it up. Here's my take.
  63. Just another point of view...
  64. csr


  65. As everone said, it's fun to do.
  66. Wishful thinking
  67. Bad becoming good and ugly becoming beautiful? It is a nice idea.
  68. I just have a comment fot the photo. net people and for all the photographers who showed their works: You are pure genius. Please include some tips to do the things we can see here. Thanks for sharing.
  69. I fully endorse your views Mr. Carlos Enrique Vega. The photo that I have attached is edited in picture.net.
  70. The photos that I have attached are edited in picture.net.
  71. shopping this photo boring?!@%;-)
  72. really.... I have no time for this....
  73. I wish to correct that I have edited in paint.net and not in picture.net. I regret the mistake in my mentioning. Now I attach another photo, redesigned in MS Office Picture Manager and MS Paint.
  74. Loving this thread! Here's my attempt (I hope people don't mind ladies bottoms in photos)
  75. It's mine...
  76. http://picasaweb.google.com/cbutler1467/DropBox?authkey=Gv1sRgCLzn7YCQ5KaB5wE&pli=1#5400192561836693602
  77. Night walk
  78. That 's very intereting indeed. I was planning to send my own version. But I what I have seen here mind boggling and full of surprises and creativity.
  79. I really should be working, but this was too much fun to pass up.....
  80. Out of this world or not ???
  81. As long as nude photos do not divert the attention of the viewer from the subject discussed and as long as the photos do not make some people keep away from the forum, there is no harm. By avoiding such photos, we will not definitely lose anything and to the contrary may encourage more people participating.
  82. Dimension warp... all the dimensions getting mixed up... even Ani mowing the yard. In that dimension she was going somewhere later and didn't want to get her clothes dusty, so she took them off so they would be clean later when the Moon Dimension turned real for the Moon Party she was going to while they watched a Beautiful Sunset three dimensions away... they did think it was strange, that road cutting through their dimension, but that is the way dimensions are... maybe someday they would follow that road.
  83. I thought it looked good as a painted landscape, with some recomposition
    and for fun as a comic background
  84. Messing around with PS Elements 8:
  85. ....one could get 'carried' away with this little assignment....
  86. ....one could get "carried" away with this little project.....
  87. Spacey aurora borealis.....
  88. [​IMG]
    Boring Movie - The beginning
    Boring Movie II- Evolution
    Boring Movie III- Returning Home
  89. Journeys
  90. oops, that didn't work...
  91. OMG! You people are brilliant! Don't know how I found myself here but it makes me anxious to crack open my own blocked imagination and start creating outofthbox! THx for the inspiration! Jody
  92. Great idea! I love it. This was so much fun to look at. Jody is right, you are absolutly brilliant.
  93. Here's mine
  94. The road through my eye (overlay with retina pic)
  95. Here is another one...
  96. Oooops tried to add a TIF file, thought they could be posted here...
  97. [​IMG]
    Shelter from the storm...The Gateway to Heaven!
    Rock Art Images Developments From The Genesis Petroglyph
  98. [​IMG]
    And from the scriptures of JOB 39-41...an image projection from The Unicorn Petroglyph:
    Ahead...The most elusive creature ever known to humanity!
    (the perspective image size would be about right)
    "Developing the OLDEST photographs known to humanity"
  99. It goes through France.
  100. Just horsing around...
  101. [​IMG][​IMG]
    "The Scream"
  102. [​IMG]
    "another Scream"

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