Photoshop - How do I print multiple images on 1 page ?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by ken krueger, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. Simple Question, hopefully a simple answer???
    In photoshop, how do I print 2 photos (or more) on one page?
    All I want to do is shrink 2 photos down to(say)3" x 5" and place
    them both on one sheet to print.
    As simple as this must be, I just can't find out how to do this
    using the help menu...
  2. in photoshop 7. file/automate/picture package.
  3. or you can make a new file the size of the paper and cut / paste images into it. either way works.
  4. or you can got to file->automate->contact sheet II
  5. Ken: If what you want to do is put different photos in the same page in PS, that I do not think it will do. The responses indicate how to put the same picture multiple times in the same page. That feaure of PS is next to useless as the photos print in such a degraded resolution that you will be embarrased to give anyone such photos. That was my experience. Hope that PS CS will have improved this feature as for all purposes it is crass amateur stuff.
  6. It's not the answer to your question, but for all print jobs involving multiple images on a page, I use Paintshop Pro. Much easier interface. You can even print several images one at a time, positioning each exactly where you want it on the sheet.
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    I'm not sure how Julio is putting multiple images on one page, but there are easy ways to guarantee that there is no degradation. One problem is that when you create a New Document in Photoshop, it may choose a resolution not appropriate to the printing. You need to have your multiple images at the same resolution, and create a new document at that resolution. If you want exact placement, put a grid on and turn on snap to grid. You can line them up precisely to the grid.
  8. Julio,

    Not sure where you are getting your information from, but you are wrong. I have no problems printing different images on the same sheet with picture package. And as far as quality, the default res is only 72, change it to the res of your images, and you are in business.
  9. i agree, julio you are wrong.

    i will say the same as everyone else, but in more detail, so you can follow instructions.

    firstly you must make sure the two photos are the size you want them.
    so click image - image size.

    when the new window comes up make sure that constrain proportions is ticked and resample image is not. this will ensure that the quality stays high.

    put in the width ie 5" (make sure it says inches) the height will automatically change to the correct height. you'll also note that the resolution will also change automaticly. click ok........ repeat for the second image.

    now go select - all
    edit - copy

    file - new
    in the window put in your paper size for A4 its 21cm x 29.7 cm

    leave the resolution as it is. because you copied first this will be the reolution of the image.
    click ok.

    edit - paste.

    click back on the second image
    select - all
    edit - copy

    click the A4 page
    edit - paste

    move the images so they fit on the page. you can always check what will print by holding a click over the bottom of photoshop where it says Doc: and a file size ie.......... Doc: 24.9m/ok
    the X is what will print.

    also note that when you go to print it will say that the image is bigger than the prinable area or somthing just click proceed.
  10. You can also make a new image and place each photo on it as a layer. that way you can still manipulate each image by themselves. as sep layers. once you have it tweeked the way you want it you can flatten it and print or not flatten it and print. It will save as a PSD. I have put 8 high res images on a 13X19 sheet this way.
  11. Thanks guys, yes, I was wrong and your instructions are better than Adobe's.
  12. Rob: appreciate your taking the time to provide step by step instructions which I tried to follow. I run into problems: 1) the copy works only if the images are in 8 bit mode. I changed the image to 8 bit mode then pasted the selected image to a new file that had been set for A4. When I pasted the image into the new file set for A4 size, even though the image had been resized to 3.5" width, it filled the whole A4 page. Any file that I pasted into this A4 page was automatically resized by PS on pasting, to the full A4 size. Upon doing that with two images, the images were superimposed since they both occupied the full size of the page. Obviously I am doing something wrong but do not know what that is. Have not yet tried the layers approach, which I will do next. Hope you can help. Thanks again.

  13. Ken,

    Go to this URL: and scroll down the page to Custom Picture Package. Russel has created a QT Video and a PDF on this and how to create an action in PS for it. He also has a lot of other very well done instructional QT Videos on other aspects of PS. Good Luck.

  14. when you paste them into the A4 page, it will give you two layers automaticly anyway so dont worry about that.

    you must make sure you COPY the image BEFORE you open the new page. if not the resolution will not automaticly change. THE RESOLUTION OF BOTH IMAGES MUST MATCH.

    i'm sorry it didn't work for you, i can only suggest trying it again, making sure the right boxes are ticked/not ticked on the image size window, and cm and inches are used in the right place.

    it should be very simple, so if it doesn't work i'm lost. good luck.

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