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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by linc, Jun 9, 2002.

  1. I'd like to see a permanent Photoshop forum.

    Linc Wolverton
  2. Good idea. I cant get my head around all this other stuff thats hit the unified forum page though. Best I delete some of them. Brownies indeed. Pah!
  3. I support this. The forums at the Photoshop corporate site are just OK.
  4. by the end of next week the generic forums will be dead and everything will be in specialized forums. At least I'll still have my unified view.
  5. I put in another vote for a Photoshop forum.
  6. Just a thought as there are so many versions and things change from version to version maybe have a photoshop v5, v6, and new v7 forums as alot of the things I used to do in v5 dont work in 7 now and vice versa. That way I dont have to look thru all the crud of older versions if I have the latest and the old guys dont have to look at all the new stuff about healing brushes if they are still using v5
    Just a thought to even more break it down. Thanks Mike :)
  7. I'd also like to see a photoshop forum, geared towards photo related uses.

    But only one, not one for each version.
  8. I support this also. For educational purposes, I would like this forum to exist. I need to learn a lot more about photoshop and why not by reading on tradgedies and victories here?
  9. As long as purposly argumentative comments are removed from it, as they would probably be prevalent and take away from the whole point of having such a forum.


    Digital Darkroom Techniques (as that makes it more photography oriented)

    Here Here! Cheers Cheers!
  10. Christopher. I guess you didn't notice that we have a Digital Darkroom forum now.
  11. As I hit the confirm button, I thought... oops, I'd better check, but it was too late (how dumb was that?) :D
  12. We already have a "Digital Darkroom Technique" forum.<br><br>

    Why a separate forum for Photoshop ???? with the the members still unable to reach a consensus on where to draw the line between photography and digital art, i wouldn't think that to be a very good idea.<br><br>

    it would imply an implicit endorsement of digital art on this site.

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