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  1. I have run into a bit of an odd problem. I just did a reinstall of Photoshop CS4 because I replaced the C drive.
    Install went normally and it seems to be happy except for one small thing. When I go into preferences and try to adjust the settings on the general tab or the performance tab PS locks up and I get an error message and the program closes. The error message is a generic Windows Bla Bla Bla has stopped responding would you like to report it to Microsoft...
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled same issue I have reset the prefs when starting photoshop no dice same problem.
    I have tried to contact Adobe about it and there reply was that they no longer support CS4 unless you have a payed support plan. Or you can do it by incident starting at $25.00 and going up to $299.
    So my question is does anybody have any ideas on what might be causing this little problem.
    Windows XP Pro with the latest service pack. Dual Xenon Processors 3.0 Ghz and before I replaced the C drive CS4 worked just fine.
  2. rnt


    Make sure your graphics driver is up to date. When you reinstalled XP you may not have gotten the latest drivers for your card...
  3. Michael
    If you have the latest service pack, I doubt if the problem is video drivers. Did you update CS4 with all the latest patches when you installed it? The installation should have included an Update Manager along with CS4 and Bridge. Did you run the Update Manager first to make sure you have the latest CS4 updates before running it?
  4. Thanks folks for the ideas.
    I am not sure about the graphics driver but I will check into that.
    Yes I have it updated as far as it will go. I did that as soon as I found the problem hoping it would take care of it
  5. Well I updated the Graphics driver and it still acts the same. I am going to try to use Adobes removal tool and clean out the install and try again from scratch.

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