Photoshop CS3, Intel MAC and Nikon Scan 4?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by jason_george|3, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Anybody have this combo of gear, and able to make the three work together? I would love a solution to
    this, as Nikon Scan 4 (as far as I can tell) won't work as a plug-in to the Photoshop CS3 Import menu.

    Much thanks,

  2. stp


    Yes, I'm using CS3, an Intel MAC, and Nikon Scan 4 (Nikon 8000). All work just fine together.
    However, I use Nikon Scan independently of CS3, so if you want to use them in a more
    integrated fashion, I can't be of help.
  3. I now keep my scanning programs separate from Photoshop. It makes the process a bit more efficient than using the scanning program as a plug in.
  4. I use CS3 with Nikon Scan 4 on my MacPro (now with Leopard) and it works just fine. I
    thought I might have to reinstall the plug-in after moving to Leopard, but did not need to. I
    suggest you try a complete re-install of Nikon Scan 4.
  5. I cannot make Nikon Scan 4 open in 10.4.11 with a MacBook Pro.

    I did a clean install and have yet to be able to make the plug-in work from PS3 or the
    standalone Nikon Scan Software.

    The last update of the software pre-dates the intel machines so I am curious when an update
    might happen.
  6. I have a MacBook Pro and use CS3. If you run CS3 natively, it will not load the Nikon
    Scan plug-in. Run CS3 using Rosetta and the plug-in will load as it should. You should
    also change your energy saver sleep setting to "never". CS3 runs much more quickly in
    native so you should only run it using Rosetta when you need to use the Scanner within

    I hope this solution works for you as it did for me.

  7. I am curious what folder you place the Nikon Scan plug in? I have tried what you have
    described and I receive the message "A serious error has occurred" when trying to launch the
  8. I'm having the same problem! I'm running OS10.4.1 on a G5. I tried downloading and re-installing Nikon scan 4 and the update and I get the same error message " serious error occurred initializing program". If anyone has any suggestions - I'm desperate! Gotta get something scanned for a client by tomorrow!


  9. Can't get it to work on my MacBook Pro. I do not believe it will work.

    I've tried launching CS3 in Rosetta, I have also tried it as a legacy plug-in in CS3 and it just
  10. gents, same problem with mac book running 4.11. nikon scan works properly on my old
    ibook with 10.4.10. if anybody got an idea, i would very much appreciate your help. thx and
    best, nils
  11. I am running a Mac Book Pro with OS 10.5.4. I finally got Photoshop to import my Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED
    (Nikon Scan 4.02 upgrade software) by placing the plugin into the Import/Export folder of Photoshop CS3 then
    launching the application in
    Rosetta. This is done by highlighting the Adobe Photoshop icon in the Applications folder when the program is
    closed, then File - Get Info and check the box "Rosetta".

    (BTW this is how you open Kodak PCD files now too.)

    However, doing my first Batch scan of negs the whole thing crashed so I am back to doing my batches with the
    Nikon Scan software alone.

    There was a warning when I upgraded the Nikon Scan 4 to 4.02 that it was not officially supported for the OS
    10.5.x version although it also stated that the improvements in this upgrade were no more freeze ups of the scanner.

    Overall, to paraphrase Shania Twain, I am not impressed with any of this....

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