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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by davidrabinowitz, May 2, 2007.

  1. i recently installed photoshop cs3 after unistalling the beta version. the
    full version worked for a while but today it stopped and a message prompt
    stated that the license had expired. I have succesfully uninstalled the beta
    version and for good measure, uninstalled the full version of cs3 and
    resinstalled with the same problem. Adobe won't answer their phones and I've
    been waiting on hold for 20 minutes with a child. Finaaly i got thru and they
    can't understand my problem.

    Any helpful suugestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You!

  2. Are you on a mac or a pc?......there is an uninstaller(cs3clean i believe) that you need to run
    to fully clean the beta version off your puter.....and if memore serves, the betas expired
    today, so it sounds like you still have some beta info associated with your app.
  3. Im on a Mac, so hopefully you are too and that could help you;

    I had problem installing my CS3 because i trash manualy the CS3 beta, and i cant use anymore the automatic removal software..anyway to keep thing short the Adobe Tech Support ask me to delete the whole Adobe folder in 2 place.

    in my main hard drive > library > apllication support > adobe

    and in my user > library > application support > adobe

    And reinstall it again, it work. The only downside if since i had already Illustraor, Indesign and others Adobe program install that trsah also there preferences and setting, but it was easy to reset them.

    My advice; use the uninstaller to uninstall your CS3, trash those folders, empty the trash, and reinstalle everything again. Enter your serial number and see in 30 days if everything is fine. Next times you contact them, tell them what you do.

    You could also start as a second user and try to install it there to see if its not something rong in your system that conflict with CS3.

    If you are on PC, well someone else will certainly help you with that.

    good luck
  4. Steven,

    PC Windows xp
  5. i was told by adobe support to uninstall cs3 then step 2) go to: and run the script then
    3) reinstall cs3...if it works i'll post my finding...

  7. well, i've uninstalled cs3 for the third time today, ran the clean up script, removed other cs3 remnants manually and continue to have problems getting into cs3. i get the same prompt license agreement has expired...i realize this has to do with the beta support at adobe has been abysmal...i'm told to do the same thing, run the clean up script again and again...someone at Adobe must have a clue...and for some strange reason uninstalling the program takes 90 minutes while a reinstall takes 45 minutes. I'm running of 2GB on Ram with 40 GB of hard drive space available, but a techie I'm not...any advice?
  8. pc days are a bit behind me...but lets see.

    how are you uninstalling?....from "add.remove programs" or from the install?

    Sounds like something refuses to be deleted from the, if you have been
    uninstalling from add/remove, try the uninstall feature on the install cd's...or...see if you can
    get a hold of the beta installer, and remove it that way....
  9. Steven,

    I spent some time today with Adobe Tech Support and I had to explain to them that something from beta was still hanging out after i used the "add/remove program". I downloaded a clean up installer from microsoft thst they recommended and ran a script from adobe that cleaned up the extraneous parts. Eric Friedemann's link is accurate and leads to the steps given by adobe. Fortunately, CS3 is running on my computer, unfortunately, the tech guy at Adobe had me make some changes to the configuration (whatever that means--system configuration) that's slowing down my computer to a crawl. Can't win them all i suppose. Lesson for me in the future is, there's no free lunch, no more beta products. Thanks for your replies and those of everyone else....David
  10. I followed all of the techniques outlined in the forums and finally got my CS3 upgrade to work. My co-worker (we have identical computers and installations on PC) decided to install the upgrade to a different directory than the default directory (he used Adobe2) and the install went flawlessly. Everything seems to working fine on his computer, so I would suggest people try that first before jumping through all the hoops I had to go through!

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